Joseph’s Angels starting May 10!!!!!!!!!!!

SIGN UP NOW!! This is a Limited Edition portrait opportunity and we are so excited about helping the Greenwood family!! We are looking forward to making this a huge success. As many of you know the community has pulled together to help the Greenwood family with the medical costs associated with Joseph’s transplant, however, they still have so far to go.

The Joseph’s Angels portrait fundraiser will begin on May 10, 2007. We will be photographing for four full days to raise money to help with Joseph’s medical expenses. Please visit to view a sample of our angel portraits. We have been waiting for an opportunity to offer this limited edition portrait for quite some time. Joseph goes to Makgill’s school, and when we heard “JoJo’s” story we felt like the angel portraits were a perfect fit and a wonderful opportunity to help out. The poem below was sent to the Greenwood family the day of Joseph’s heart transplant. Notice the title is “Little Angel”, we know that we are all blessed to have little angels in our lives.


Little angel resting in Jesus’ gentle hands, Now he knows everything, and he understands.

Another child needed what he had to give. He had served God’s purpose; this other one would live.

He got a hero’s welcome when he crossed heaven’s shore. Love had saved another child, and that’s what love is for.

A host of other angels for him did loudly play. And they sang a new song for him on that day.

Worry not for this new angel; he is truly blessed. The glories he now knows, no man could have guessed.

To the child left behind, may this heart beat strong. May your life be joyful, and may it be long.

You too have been blessed, ’cause watching over you. Standing beside Jesus is one whose love is true.

Oh little one in heaven, stay near to your Lord. You have given all, according to His Word.

But look upon your brother, who on this earth did stay. Help him to be able to laugh and to play.

In his growing that he’d see the sacrifice ’twas made. Learn the meaning of compassion and love that cannot fade.

That he too will walk with Jesus, and on that future day, Will in heaven run beside you and beside you play.

-Johnnie Baum

If you are not familiar with Joseph’s story please visit


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