Jesse tree Day 4 and 5

I hate to admit that we got a little bit off-track with The Jesse Tree. We didn’t have a Noah ornament and I didn’t get one together in time to do it on the day we were supposed to. So we are a little off. I found something that will work for our Noah ornament but I hope to let the kids do something with a rainbow to replace this one in future years. Oh well. It works for now. 🙂

On Day 4 we read Genesis 6:11-14; 7:17-8:3; 9:8-13. We talked about God destroying the world because there was so much sin and choosing Noah to build the ark and save his family and the animals because Noah remembered God. We then discussed what happened while Noah was on the ark and how God destroyed all of the people and animals that were not on the ark. We then talked about God’s promise to never destroy the earth with a flood again, and the sign of his promise, a rainbow. Even in a sinful world, God loves us and keeps His promises!!!


My goofball being goofy with the ark ornament. 🙂



I’m so glad it was Mak’s turn to hang the ornament on the Noah Night. When he was about 18 months old until he was nearly 3 we read Noah’s Ark every night before bed. He was okay with other Bible stories during the day, but at night it had to be Noah. The funny thing was, we’d ask him what story he wanted every night and he’d always respond “Hmmm….how bout Noah?” like it was a brand new great idea. Every time. I miss my baby Mak. 🙁 But I Love my Big Mak!!!





Day 5 was about Abram and used the scripture Genesis 12:1-7. We discussed that sometimes God asks us to do things that are difficult to do. We also discussed ways that God shows us what He wants from us.

Tonight was a little difficult for all of us. Kids were up past bedtime, tempers were short all around…it could have gone better. Oh, did I mention that we attempted photographing the kids for the Christmas Card today? It always puts us on edge. 🙂


See the exhaustion in these next two pics?









I love how the tree is filling up and all that we are learning and being reminded of!!

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