Jesse Tree day 2 and 3

Y’all this is so much fun! I am SOO thankful that Rebecca put this whole thing together. It’s the highlight of the day for the kids to discover which ornament will be hung on the Jesse Tree each night and what it will represent. To be honest, I didn’t think they were really “getting” what we were learning every night. I thought the fun was coming from hanging the ornament, but that the devotions themselves weren’t really sinking in. I was WRONG!!! And i am so happy about that! Today at lunch Clara Beth told Collin and me all about why we have the stump of Jesse and a globe hanging from the tree. And the meaning behind it. And then after school Mak did the same thing! They are GETTING it!!!

Day 2 was Creation and we hung the globe from the tree. The scripture was Genesis 1:26-31. We read a devotion about God creating the world and everything in it, and how he has given us this beautiful world to live in and take care of. We talked about ways we can honor God by taking care of the world He made for us.


See why I wasn’t quite sure they were soaking it all in? 😉



Day 2 was Mak’s turn to hang the ornament! The ornament hanger is a REALLY big deal to them. Are y’alls kids as competitive as mine are?? It’s a little bit crazy.



Day 3, The Fall. the scripture for tonight was Genesis 3:1-19 and the ornament was an apple with a serpent crawling on it. We read about how sin came into the world and how even though Adam and Eve sinned, God still loved them. BUT, He had to punish them. Mak immediately said “Like y’all have to punish us when we disobey.” See?? They’re GETTING it!! I love it!! We talked about things we do that make God unhappy and the importance of repentance.


They hang on to every word when Collin does the devotion. I think Collin will do them all from here on out. I just LOVE these next 2 images of my babies listening to their Daddy read to them from the Word of God.




Who needs a tissue when you’ve got a perfectly good tongue? 😉




Miss CB’s turn tonight!


There is a cinnamon ornament in the box and they love the way it smells. As a result, they sniff each ornament before hanging it on the tree. 🙂







Oh, and I’ve gotten a bunch of emails and comments on facebook about using the branch for our Jesse Tree. Totally can’t take credit for that! I saw it in this month’s Better Homes & Garden. Glad y’all like it, though! I’m not creative enough to come up with something like that on my own. 🙂

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