It is time for me to catch up on the Family blog…

OK, I have been hearing through the grapevine (Julie 🙂 ) that I am slacking on the family portion of my blog. And yes, it is true. I am way behind. So here is my attempt at catching up a little.

While we were in greenville for our convention, we were able to meet with one of Aron’s lifelong friends, Chappell. p9290018_resize.JPGWe hadn’t seen her and Daniel for quite a while so we were very happy to meet them for dinner after a session that I had downtown.

My parents are in town right now for Clara Beth’s dedication and to help us get ready for our trip to Disney World. My dad took pictures of the dedication pa081201_resize.JPG and a quick photo of our family. pa081208_resize.JPG

After, we went to brunch at Benton’s. pa080020_resize.JPG(The best brunch I have had in a very, very long time, by the way.) Anyway, my parents, Aron’s parents, Aron’s brothers and grandmother were all there to celebrate with us. pa080022_resize.JPGIt was great to have them all together in one place. pa080025_resize.JPG


Later that day, we went out to the farmers market to let Makgill play on the display play-setspa080037_resize.JPG at the flower show. pa080038_resize.JPG pa080039_resize.JPGHe had a blast. pa080044_resize.JPG

Clara Beth was there, but not able to play on the play-sets.

So there you have it everyone, (and Julie 🙂 ) thank you for being patient with me and for getting me to get caught up with my family news.

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  • JulieOctober 11, 2006 - 9:55 pm

    YEAH!!! Thanks for the update Sir Collin! Love the new pictures.ReplyCancel

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