In love with Little Man Tate…

*I wrote this last Wednesday but we have been having blog issues all week so I am only now getting to post it!*

Yesterday I became an aunt again. To a BOY. Do you know how long it’s been since we have had a teeny baby boy in the family? Almost FIVE years. And that’s far too long to go without a baby boy. Baby boys are just plain sweet and Tate is definitely one of the sweetest I have ever met. I do completely understand that I am this child’s AUNT, not his mommy, and I love that because this kid has some pretty cool people for parents…but let’s just say I won’t object when they call me to babysit because they need a date night. Or date weekend. Or date month. Just sayin’. 🙂

Yesterday was so much FUN! If you remember, my brother and sister-in-law didn’t find out the sex of the baby. I don’t know how they waited and I don’t think I could ever do it, but it sure did make for an exciting morning! I am so happy that they did it this way!

We were in the waiting room for what felt like forever waiting to see if we had a niece/nephew, grandson/granddaughter, brother/sister, boy cousin/girl cousin. Every person that would walk out of those doors, no matter if they were a man or woman, white or black, Tal would say “That’s my Daddy!”

He was SOOOO Excited!!

FINALLY!! There was Reeves with a precious little bundle in his arms…

Tal went running down the hall…

And met his baby BROTHER!!! He announced to all of us that it was a boy. I have no idea how any of these pictures are in focus because my hands were shaking so bad. We were all crying happy tears and Tallon was officially proud to be a big brother again. In fact, he was ready to take the baby right out of his Daddy’s arms. At this point, Baby still had no name. 🙂

Collin took Mak and CB and headed home while Tallon waited not so patiently for his mommy and his baby.

From there we went to the room with Rebecca and hung out for a few minutes hearing all about the delivery while the baby was getting all cleaned up.

And about this time is when Rebecca says “I’m just SO GLAD he’s a BOY!!!” You know how you don’t really know what you want until you get it and then it’s like “YES!! That’s exactly what I wanted!” I think that’s kind of how Tate was for them. They had no clue if they were having a son or daughter and really didn’t “want” one more than the other. But now that HE is here and they know that they have two sons and one beautiful daughter? It’s perfect. It was so beautiful to see Rebecca so excited about her new baby boy!

And then Tate’s Aunt Erin and Aunt Aron left to make sure that the pretty baby had lots of pretty brand new blue things to wear. We had fun shopping for him and then after lunch Collin and I brought Mak and CB to officially meet their new cousin. They were in love!!

The baby now had a name!! Stephen Tate!!!

He’s already talking about playing baseball with this kid…

And she’s already ready to dress him up like one of her baby dolls and pretend to be his mommy. I’m just in love. 🙂

We went home with two kids HIGH on new cousin love, and then a few hours later I came back to watch Miss Tess meet her brother for the first time. This meeting has been anxiously awaited by us all. Tess LOVES her Momma. And none of us could see her being content to share that love (or lap) with a new baby…

No Worries!! Girly is in love with her new baby!!

And Tallon? Well, he is pretty much convinced that Reeves and Rebecca had this child for him. To say he is happy to be a big brother to a little brother is an understatement. He ADORES this child. All we heard at the hospital was “Can I hold my baby again?” I love it!

There were tons of grandparents also readily available to love on their newest little grandson…

And I just love this one. An exhausted, but oh SO in love Momma watching all three of her babies. She is Gorgeous!

The next day I went back to the hospital under the pretense of getting more photographs of Tate. In reality, I was missing him like crazy and needed to get my hands on him again. I don’t think I fooled anyone. 🙂 I did get some more images of that sweet boy, though!

And, finally, his first official newborn portraits done by Uncle Collin. There will be many more to come. All of these were done in their home…we can’t wait to get him in the studio!

You know what I love? This bread bowl is the one we use in the studio. Tate’s great great grandmother once made bread in this bowl. I LOVE that.

Sweet Baby, we love you so much!! Our family is better because of YOU!!

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  • gillianAugust 9, 2010 - 11:38 am

    congrats on another beautiful addition! can’t wait to meet him!ReplyCancel

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