I Miss Them!!!

Okay, so it took me about 24 hours longer than I thought it would to get back to the blog, but I have returned. And I have been doing laundry pretty much non-stop since yesterday. Seriously, how can 4 people produce SOOOO many dirty clothes?!?! I think it may be under control now, though. Until tomorrow, that is. 🙂

So…back to our Florida trip. We started our journey our favorite way. By visiting the Burrows family! We love and miss this family so much. Alana, their oldest, was born 8 days after Makgill. And then they moved to Jacksonville 2 weeks later. We were so sad to see them go! Alana and Mak have always had this special bond, though. It usually takes them about three seconds to get re-aquainted, and then they are inseparable for the remainder of their time together. Alana has a precious little sister, Lilli, who is just a few months younger than Clara Beth. Lilli is one funny kid! Until this trip she has never wanted Collin to get anywhere near her with his camera. We tried everything, but she WOULD. NOT. HAVE. IT. She was not a big fan of any man other than her Daddy. I am SO THRILLED to report that this stage seems to be over! She smiled for Collin, and even let him hold the beloved Moose. You have no idea what a big deal this is.

We have been trying to do a beach session for the Burrows for about a year now. But it’s kind of hard when they live four hours away and we only see them a couple of times a year. Add to that Patrick’s crazy work schedule, and finding time becomes nearly impossible. So when we discovered a time that would work for both families I was ecstatic! The session turned out really well, and even better, we were able to spend time with one of my favorite families.

We started in their beautiful backyard. Isn’t this view great? And Patrick is currently working on a patio that will overlook it. Pat, I look forward to enjoying a cup of coffee out there next time we visit!

We then took a beautiful 20 minute drive to the beach. I have never been to this part of Jacksonville before, and up until this point I can’t say that I’ve been overwhelmed by the beauty of Jacksonville. But this was GORGEOUS!!! The marsh views that we passed were breathtaking. And then we DROVE on to their favorite beach. I have never done this before. It was a really fun way to experience the beach, though.

Beautiful girls…

Beautiful mom and dad…

Wonderful family!

I’m so glad we were finally able to do this session! It was the perfect way to start our vacation. As we were leaving their house on Tuesday morning, Mak actually said “Do we HAVE to leave Alana to go to Disney?” Aww. He loves that little girl!

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  • Patti SinghNovember 5, 2008 - 9:44 am

    Hi Collin,
    We met when you came to the Burrows home. I live next door. These pictures are absolutely beautiful. They really reflect the beauty of the family from the inside out. I’ll admit, I’m a bit partial because I look at Pat,Heather,Alana, and Lilly(beaners) as I call her,part of my family. My husband and I love them dearly and look forward to watching them grow and flourish with every year that passes. We can’t imagine being without them in our lives.ReplyCancel

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