Coming home from vacation is always so hard. I love days filled with that kind of nothing that means EVERYTHING. Nowhere to be and nothing to do other than listen to six WILD little cousins run up and down the stairs laughing hysterically, slamming doors (that they have been told NOT to slam), jumping on beds, hiding and seeking and asking 368 times an hour if it’s time to go back to the beach yet. I LOVE every single one of those little ones and I am so thankful for their relationships. Oh, and I said six cousins, but there are really seven of them. It’s just that Baby Girl isn’t old enough to join in on the wildness yet. Give her a year. She’ll be running with them next summer. For now she is content to sleep in a basket in the dunes like she just washed up on shore. Poor Kid. Her aunt and uncle do crazy things sometimes. 😉 Oh, the best part about this session was the lady who came up and asked to hold her after we had just watched her gutting fish on the beach. Um, yeah, probably not, Lady. Aunt Aron and Uncle Collin love you, Lilah Drew. We promise to never make you sleep on the sand dunes again. =)

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