Holding Baby “Say”

Sadie has been affectionately re-named “Baby Say” in our house by Clara Beth. All of her baby dolls are also now called “Baby Say”. Anyway, Makgill’s major goal lately has been to hold Sadie. In fact, when he woke up on his 4th birthday, one of the first things he said was “Now I can hold Baby Sadie!”. I’ve been a little nervous about it because of germs and stuff, even though Bryan and Kristin said it was perfectly fine. But the other night, I bathed him, put him in clean clothes, and we headed over to hold Sadie. Makgill was SO EXCITED! We draped him in blankets, propped his arm up with pillows, and plopped Sweet Sadie in his arms. He did a great job, and she even smiled at him! Thanks, Bryan, Kristin, and Anna for sharing your baby with us.

I know he’s out of focus in this one, but I still had to leave it in. I LOVE the excitement in his face!



Anna kept a close eye on her sister, and frequently told Makgill “That’s MY Baby Sadie!”


This beautiful girl is changing so fast. I wish we had taken a picture of the SERIOUSLY CUTE rolls on her thighs!


Mak got a few more birthday presents. I think Dr. Bryan had a good time picking out toys for a boy for a change!






Thanks, Sweet friends, for a wonderful evening!

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