Happy Halloween!!!

We had SUCH a FUN Halloween this year. For the first time, Makgill actually knew what was going on and was sooooo excited! As I mentioned before, he dressed up as a cow. He decided sometime in July that this is what he wanted to be, and it was terribly difficult to find him a costume. After much searching, we finally found the cow costume, and ordered it immediately. I was so scared that he would change his mind about the costume at the last minute, but thankfully he didn’t! And he was the CUTEST cow I have ever seen!

Clara Beth dressed up as a chick, mainly because I already had the costume sitting in the top of her closet. And it was a tu-tu, and she LOVES tu-tus. So it was perfect for her!


So we had two farm animals, and the logical thing was for Collin to dress up as a farmer. So he did! And, might I add, he was mighty good looking…


After picking Mak up from school, we headed to Tomlinson’s to trick-or-treat with Boom-Boom and Uncle Andrew. Rebecca and Tallon came too, and Li-Li and Aunt Erin were also there. It was great!


Baby CB wanted her Boom-Boom to wear her feathers. He’s such a good sport!


Erin made really yummy Halloween treat bags for the kids. Makgill has already sampled each of the items in the bag. He is very appreciative!



Then we headed to lunch at 301. Reeves joined us, so we had the whole group there (but sadly, we took no pictures!). I’ve just gotta say again how much I LOVE having us all living in the same town!

After naps, we met back up with Rebecca and Tal and headed over to Na-Na’s (my grandmother).




They each received sugar cookies and some candy. The younger two were beginning to catch on to this whole Halloween thing, and they were definitely happy!

Next, it was on to Li-Li’s. She (of course) COMPLETELY spoiled these three. They each had a super-huge cupcake and sugar cookie from Freemans (Mmmmmm…). And free-reign at the candy bowl. They just kept going back for more and more handfuls! I think this may have ruined poor Tal for the night. He thought he could do this at any house he trick-or-treated at!



And finally…our final stop of the night. Bryan, Kristin, and Anna hosted their second annual Halloween party. Before the party, we met up with them and Robert, Julie, and Luke, and did some more trick-or-treating.


The first few stops were a little disappointing…nobody was home. But things quickly picked up, and they all had PLENTY of candy by the end of the night!



Mak pulled the cheerleader and football player in the wagon.




And now, the party. COMPLETE CHAOS!!! And SOOOOOO FUN!!! Thanks, Bryan and Kristin, for hosting another incredible party. We had a great time!


The chick ate some chicken.


This picture is so funny. Look at the triplets’ feet!


Reeves was pretty quick to snatch that ORANGE pom-pom out of Tal’s hand!


You will notice that there are very few images of Makgill and Parson in the slideshow. They were SO CRAZY WILD and would not stay still long enough for Collin to get a picture!


SEVENTEEN ADORABLE KIDS!!! And we are missing two tiny babies and a few others that had already left. WOW!


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  • HopeNovember 1, 2007 - 7:20 pm

    We had SO much fun! Great pictures!!ReplyCancel

  • RebeccaNovember 1, 2007 - 8:53 pm

    Another fun night with super fun families! AWESOME pictures you guys!! I love the 1 of Clara Beth eating chicken and of all 3 kids with LiLi- definitely want to get a copy of that. I love several of the pictures you got of Tallon!!! =) Hope seeing the princess and the Carriage was fun tonight for CB!!ReplyCancel

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