Happy Birthday, Mak!!!

This was it!! The day that my boy turned 6…at Sea! I had high hopes for today. We would swim, hang out for a little bit in Nassau, possibly talk the kids into a nap…but what I was really looking forward to was the Pirate Party that night! I was so excited that this party was falling on his actual birthday. We had his Jack Sparrow costume packed, had told him all about Pirate Mickey and they were shooting FIREWORKS off the boat that night!!! How FUN is that?!? AND, we were scheduled to eat supper in what everyone says is the best restaurant on the boat that night, Animator’s Palate. It’s the one that changes color throughout the meal. It didn’t really end up that way…

Mak woke us bright and early and he, Collin and I headed out to the veranda to open gifts and love on our birthday boy.

I loved my snuggle time and he was pretty pleased with a couple of new Leapster games.

And he was just plain THRILLED with the fact that he was SIX today!!! I LOVE this face!

He then decided that he was ready for his gift from his sister so he politely prompted her to wake up. She didn’t mind. She LOVES birthdays. Hers or anyone else’s. 🙂

An underwater camera!!! He wanted one so bad for Castaway Cay.

We then headed out for some breakfast and swimming. Birthday cake for breakfast is a tradition in our family. This is his first birthday without it. I think chocolate Mickey waffles with marshmallows and chocolate syrup, a cherry danish and a donut were an acceptable substitute. 😉

This guy was hilarious. He was determined to get Clara Beth to talk to him and she was determined that she would NOT.

He kept leaving and returning, trying to get the child to talk. It wasn’t gonna happen.

LOVE my boys!

A very satisfied birthday boy.

We headed to the pool just as we were pulling into port at Nassau. Collin and I sat by the pool sipping coffee while our little fish splashed, jumped and swam.

Characters are literally EVERYWHERE on the boat!

After a little over an hour of swimming we dragged them back to the room to get them ready to explore Nassau. We should’ve just stayed at the pool. We are NOT fans of Nassau. Never have been. But we wanted the kids to see it. You can tell from this pic how much they loved it. Mak’s starting to feel bad here, we just didn’t know it yet. 🙁

That great big ship pulling into port is the largest in the world!

And here’s the last picture of the day. We went to the dining room for lunch and Mak didn’t want anything. I thought he was tired. I was WRONG. Let’s just say lunch did NOT have a pretty ending and we spent the rest of the big birthday in the room. 🙁 They gave him a Miller Lite beer bucket to throw up in. Thankfully we didn’t need it, but I hate that we didn’t get a picture of that! It looked like he was hungover. Poor kid. We missed all of the big festivities that night and got a TON of rest. And thankfully, the next day he was ready to play again! I hate that it happened but it could have been much worse!

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  • gillianJanuary 31, 2010 - 7:25 pm

    first of all, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Clara Beth’s bed head!!! and the picture of Mak eating his birthday breakfast…he still looks like a baby 🙂 just thought that might make you happy to hear… and the picture of the 2 of them in Nassau…Mak looks too cool!ReplyCancel

  • aronJanuary 31, 2010 - 7:34 pm

    Gillian, Thank You!!! I thought he looked like a baby there, too!ReplyCancel

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