Florence, SC Baby Photographer: Gracyn and John-Joseph

Sorry for the lack of posting this morning. I was thoroughly enjoying this cold and rainy day. This is my very favorite kind of day for homeschool. We start late and do lots of reading on the couch by the fire. I love it. Our school morning has turned into movie afternoon and I’m having yet another cup of coffee. I probably won’t sleep tonight, but I’m okay with that. Days like this one beg for a steady flow of coffee. Thank the Lord for the Keurig! And now let me introduce you to an absolutely precious sibling set, Gracyn and John-Joseph! When I met their mom, Paige, she was sitting in the studio talking to Collin about the Baby Plan with an adorable teeny baby boy curled in her lap. I of course started asking questions about when we would be doing his session, and learned that it wasn’t this little one we would be photographing first, but his big sister…for her First Birthday session. I’m sure my facial expression was full of shock and I’m also sure that it’s one Paige sees quite often when she introduces people to her two children who are nine months apart. I mean, I’ve heard of people having little ones back to back, but this was closer than I thought possible! We chatted for a few minutes and she explained it all to me. Paige and her husband tried for years…10 years…to have a baby. They experienced several miscarriages and ultimately decided that they felt the Lord was leading them toward adoption. They finally had their baby…a beautiful and healthy baby girl! They named her Gracyn and, of course, were over the moon excited to have her. And then, when Gracyn was nine weeks old, Paige found out that she was six weeks pregnant. As she was telling me this, the tears started flowing from my eyes and from hers. I mean, just stop and think about that for a minute. Ten years of trying to start a family. Several lost babies. Finally, you have a beautiful baby girl in your arms and then, when she is still a newborn, you learn that the thing you tried for for so many years is finally happening…a plus sign on the pregnancy test! Paige had a brand new baby in her arms and a new life growing in her womb…How GREAT is our God?!? Paige said all she could do was cry tears of thankfulness and joy. It makes me think of Ephesians 3:20…immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine. I can’t possibly begin to put myself in Paige’s position, however I would venture to guess that this whole scenario was probably more than she had ever imagined. Baby John-Joseph arrived healthy and safely, and I’m pretty sure he’s going to surpass his big sister in the weight department fairly soon. They are both beautiful, fun babies and Collin and I have had so much fun getting to know them. Gracyn is a serious little thing and John-Joseph smiles at the drop of a hat. I love them! And I can’t wait to watch these two little ones grow up!


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