Florence, SC Wedding and Bridal Photographer: Tiffany and DeQuincey

This wedding was so beautiful! Everything about it…the flowers, the decorations, the food…everything was just gorgeous. But more than anything else, it was the people that stand out to me. Everyone was so happy to be there to witness the union of DeQuincey and Tiffany as husband and wife. It was beautiful to see so many smiling faces on the wedding guests! The bridal party was incredible to work with and it was clear that they were honored to be standing up for their friends. And the bride and groom…Collin and I just love them. The giant smiles never left their faces and they never left one another’s side. They were so excited to finally be husband and wife! Tiffany and DeQuincey, thank you for including us in your wedding day! It’s a day we won’t forget!

Before we get to the wedding day photos, I have to share Tiffany’s bridal session with you. She was an absolutely stunning bride, and I love the way her session at The Columns turned out!

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