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This weather is so beautiful, isn’t it?! I know the pollen is torture for so many, but really, I don’t think I could be more thankful for the sunshine and 80 degree days. It’s taken a long time to get here this year, hasn’t it?! There are a few things we wanted to update you on, and the blog seemed like the easiest place to do it, so here goes!

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First…Easter!!! Y’all, I am sitting here at the computer right now listening to the hum of a blower outside and it is music to my ears! Granger Landscapes is out there giving our portrait garden a complete makeover. I am so excited to see what Brandon comes up with! The ideas he has thrown at us so far are AMAZING, and we’ve never been disappointed by his work before. I’m just so excited! As always, we will offer traditional themed portraits in our {new and improved!!} garden for Easter this year. Session times have nearly all been taken, however we do still have a few spots available. The sessions will be April 17, 18, and 19 by appointment only. Be sure to email Collin at collin@cmsmithportraits if we can set up a session for you. These sessions are $45 and portraits are at Limited Edition pricing, up to 60% off of normal portrait prices. And, as always, this is a free session for Five Year and Lifetime Portrait Plan members!

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Secondly, Pinterest!!! Yes, that’s right, Collin M. Smith Portrait Photography has finally joined this popular online bulletin board that is soooo addicting. I {Aron…I’m always the blogger and 97% of the time the Facebook poster. Y’all get that, right? Otherwise you probably think Collin sounds pretty girly…} have personally been on Pinterest for years now, and I guess you could say that Collin has too, although he never went past the point of setting his account up. We have converted his personal account to an account for the studio, and I have been pinning away since last weekend. In fact, if you were one of the maybe seven followers that Collin already had, I want to apologize for clogging up your Pinterest feed last weekend and earlier today with studio pins. The bulk of the pinning has been done and from here on out it will be much more under control. I promise. =) Basically, our Pinterest account is separated into boards showcasing examples of the various types of photography that we offer…Newborn, Baby 3-5 months, Baby 6-8 months…and so on. It will be a place where you can go to immediately see examples of the types of photography that we offer at various stages. I still need to get a Maternity board up, but other than that I think it’s all set! You can find us by searching “Collin M. Smith Portrait Photography” on Pinterest, or linking to it here: http://www.pinterest.com/cmsmithportrait/
So, I think that’s it! Email for an Easter session and come find us on Pinterest. And enjoy every bit of this beautiful weekend that we’re heading into!

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