Florence, SC Pet Photographer: LiLi and Gabbi

Okay, y’all. Let’s chat for a minute about my mom and her dog. She’s one of those pet owners. You know the kind. She plans her day around the dog’s needs. Vacations are chosen based upon accommodations for Gabbi. Gabbi must walk at 5:30 on the dot every single day. Gabbi must receive her shot for diabetes and be fed directly following that walk. Mom’s order of importance in life is 1) Jesus. 2) My Dad. 3) Grandchildren. 4) Gabbi. 5) My brothers and me. And I’m not gonna lie, sometimes Gabbi jumps to that Number 1 spot. 😉 I’m just kidding. My mom probably does love us more than the dog. Or at least equally as much. You see what I mean though, right? You’ve seen the type? This dog is VERY special and VERY important to her. And Gabbi’s getting on up there in dog years, so we knew a photo session of Mom and her Beloved was in order. Also, my mom is working crazy hard and has lost a ton of weight in the last six weeks or so, so it was fun to get her in front of the camera again. Mom, we love you! And your crazy, pet-lovin’ ways! We are SO Thankful for YOU!!

Gabby_0001FB Gabby_0002FB Gabby_0003FB Gabby_0004FB Gabby_0005FB Gabby_0006FB Gabby_0007FB Gabby_0008FB Gabby_0009FB Gabby_0010FB Gabby_0011FB Gabby_0012FB Gabby_0013FB Gabby_0014FB Gabby_0015FB Gabby_0016FB Gabby_0017FB Gabby_0018FB Gabby_0019FB Gabby_0020FB Gabby_0021FB Gabby_0022FB Gabby_0023FB Gabby_0024FB Gabby_0025FB Gabby_0027FB Gabby_0028FB Gabby_0029FB


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