Florence, SC Newborn Twin Photographer: Macey and Maxton!

Oh, these sweet little ones! I love them so much and I’m so happy that they are here! I’m pretty sure I have never been more shocked than the night when I received the text with the ultrasound picture revealing TWO fuzzy little baby dots. I may have thrown my phone across the room in shock and frightened Collin just a little bit when I yelled “SHUT UP!!!”. See, Hal and Ashley already had three kids, and they weren’t even trying for four. And then God gave them FIVE. Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Macey and Maxton are the sweetest, cuddliest little babies and they were born while our family was on our Disney vacation. We were walking around the Magic Kingdom late one night when I received another picture text, this time of two beautiful faces, not fuzzy dots. Yep, I shed a little tear or two right there outside of Small World. Collin and I are SO Thrilled for this family. They have become great friends through this studio, and we are excited to see God bless their family in this way. Macey and Maxton, we love you, Sweet Babies! So happy you are here!

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