Florence, SC Lifestyle Photographer: Campfire with the Otts

I so vividly remember standing there with Robby and April at Raelyn’s Girly Girls session in August. I told them about the camping trip that a lot of people from our old small group were going on, and asked if they could come. They could! In fact, the kids had that Friday off of school so it was perfect timing. I was SO Happy. It had been way too long since we had spent meaningful time with these six people. Because, see, it was summer. And, as you can imagine, summer is an incredibly busy time for youth pastors. And before that, it was Spring. Spring time is an incredibly busy time for photographers. To sum things up for you? It had been WAY TOO LONG since the Smiths and the Otts had hung out. But they were coming camping. I was SO EXCITED.

Isn’t she a Beautiful girl?!? Inside and out. Love me some Miss Raelyn!!!

As you know, plans changed. Robby was diagnosed with cancer and camping simply wasn’t an option, no matter how much we all wanted it to be. We spent that Thursday night before we left for the camping trip with Robby and April. I can’t even begin to describe how great it was. Kids played upstairs, parents talked downstairs. It was SO normal. We discussed all of the usual things, like kids who were having trouble obeying, and the not so typical things, like what were the plans for getting treatment at Sloan-Kettering. No matter what the topic of conversation was, it was a GREAT night. We stayed for hours, laughed til our stomachs hurt, and could have stayed hours longer.

The next morning we headed out for the camping trip, all the while wishing that Robby, April, and the kids were with us. So we decided to have a campfire in their backyard. Sunday evening. Reeves, Rebecca, and the triple threat came along too. Pizza, campfire, and s’mores. It was a wonderful night, and just like that Thursday night, it was a whole lotta’ normal mixed with some not so normal. Kids played with fire (supervised, don’t worry). They chased each other all over the backyard. We ate pizza and roasted marshmallows. And we talked about stuff that we never would have thought about three months ago. But most importantly, we had a great night. I’m ready to do it again. =)

Oh!! Before I forget…the other reason that we went over there on Sunday was so that Collin could photograph April for an article she wrote for She Magazine that will be coming out in November. She spilled her guts in it and I can’t wait to read it. Be sure to grab a copy when it’s out! Also…GORGEOUS Momma!!!

Robby had all tubes removed last week (HUGE Praise!! Hallelujah!!) but before that he was forced to wear pajama style pants…Ummm…a little low. He embraced it and remarked that he was just getting in touch with his inner thug. 😉

I can’t stop laughing at this one…

Perfectly wonderful night with some really great friends. Check Robby’s Caring Bridge page for a GREAT update from him yesterday. And keep praying, Y’all!!

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