Florence, SC Family Photographer: Our Own Family!

I have to apologize to the people in this post…sometimes they get the shaft big time when it comes to their portraits. For instance, in this case. This session was done quite a while back, and they haven’t even seen the photos from it yet. Oops. Sorry, guys. The truth is, these are the people that we should bend over backwards the most for. They are ALWAYS there to love on our kids or help out when things are getting a little stressful here at the studio. And they never complain about it. They think nothing of bringing Mak and CB to their home for the whole day or even overnight if we need it. Can I get an Amen for good family? For real, sometimes I don’t know how we’d get by without them. I definitely don’t take it for granted that we have so many hands right here in town to help out. I definitely do believe that it takes a village to raise a kid…and I know I’ve said it before, but I LOVE my village! The other really great part about having them all here is that I get to love on their kids, too. And Oh My Goodness, these are some of the greatest kids on the planet! Nothing makes my heart happier than watching all seven of the cousins play and fight together. I LOVE them!!

Can we all just agree that Tate might be the cutest thing on the planet in this next photo? Love that baby!

Happiest kid on earth, right here…

And these of Tess aren’t from that day, but I couldn’t leave her out. Believe me. No one leaves Tess out. EVER.

Can’t you just feel the love that Sweet Caroline has for her uncle in this photo? I’m pretty sure that she’s contemplating his slow and painful death in this one. Ha!

There’s our Sweet CC!!

This Baby. Oh, Heavens, I could EAT. HER. UP.

And finally, the miracle portrait. The COUSIN photo. I LOVE all seven of them to pieces!!

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