Florence, SC Family Photographer: Josh, Michelle, and Little Reagan!

I LOVE this little family! We met them through some really great people (The Grangers! You know them well if you’re a long-time blog reader!) at their annual Halloween party a little over a year ago. They’re the kind of people who are super down to earth and easy to get to know. You know the type. You totally bypass that whole “awkward what do we talk about with these people” stage and jump right into real, normal conversation. I happen to think that’s one of the coolest attributes that a person can have. And Baby Reagan? Oh My Stars, what a CUTIE!! This kid has a smile that lights up the room. And he’s in my very favorite stage of childhood…figuring the world out, exploring, learning to talk…this stage of life is so fun and funny and it completely fascinates me! Michelle is a physician in the Emergency Room, and from what I’ve heard (from many many people), she’s a great one to have if you’re ever in that situation. I’ve heard stories of how great she is as a doctor and that she really knows her stuff, but even more than that I’ve heard that her bedside manner is the BEST. And I can absolutely see that based on how friendly she is outside of work. Honestly, I hope I never see her in her work environment, but I’m very happy that Florence has her! Josh and Michelle, Y’all are AWESOME!

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