Florence, SC Children’s Photographer: McCall, Baylor, and SURPRISE!! Baby #3!!

This was one of those sessions that made me so happy and at the same time so frustrated because I was about to BUST to share the good news! I love seeing “our” families grow. When Collin and I are some of the first to learn BIG news like this it just reminds me again how God has blessed us to be a part of so many families. It is humbling and I am forever grateful for it. And I promise that if you want to do a session like this one I will keep my big fat mouth shut until you give me the okay…but I will probably bite off every single fingernail in the meantime. 😉 Thankfully, Bridget and Davy didn’t make us wait too terribly long to share their exciting news. And since this session they have learned that Baby #3 is a BOY!!! So Fun! I have no doubt that McCall and Baylor will be the best big sisters. It’s going to be amazing to watch this “girl” family get a shot of testosterone. We can’t wait! The pregnancy announcement wasn’t the main focus of this session, though. It was time for yearly sessions of both of the girls and I love how their little personalities shine. It’s so fun to have these girly, sister portraits…especially knowing that the next one will have a baby brother in it! Y’all, Collin and I are so thrilled for your family! We can’t wait to meet Baby Boy!

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