Florence, SC Children’s Photographer: Lilah Marie, Age 8

Typing that blog post title made me choke a little bit. She’s EIGHT. She has been since November, actually. And that means that my CB girl will be eight very very soon. Unbelievable. Why does it have to go so fast? I mean, obviously you want them to grow up. As my youngest brother said this weekend, growing up is a whole lot better than the alternative. But still, it squeezes at a momma’s heart to see them get so grown so fast. This age is pretty great, though. They’re developing interests that they will more than likely carry with them throughout the rest of their life. That’s amazing to be witness to, isn’t it? Collin and I had a wonderful time with sweet Lilah a few weeks ago, photographing her while we dodged brothers who were making it their goal of the hour to photobomb the shot. =) Lilah, eight looks FABULOUS on you, Sweetheart! Even though it hurts a little, watching you grow is the best kind of fun!

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