Florence, SC Children’s Photographer: Collins!!!

Sheesh! You’d think now that I was back from vacation I could update the blog a little. Sorry guys, this week has been NUTS. I now understand why my mom would always say that she needed a week of vacation to recover from vacation. I feel like every time I get the house somewhat straight a new forgotten pile from the beach is brought inside and dumped on my kitchen floor. I can’t keep up. Also? We have WAY too much junk. It must GO. Also?? I’m planning on starting school back next week. I know, I know, it’s so soon. Give me a break. It’s 350 degrees outside. A few hours of work a day won’t kill them. And they’ll get a pretty awesome Christmas Break as a result. But enough of my rambling, check out one of our best little buddies, Collins!! I love this handsome kid and I can’t believe he’s already this old! We have been photographing him since he was a teeny little thing and now he’s running all over the place. A big boy with a super cute and fun personality. Oh, and his mom chose to do that precious close up of his face in one of our new round portrait options. I am SOOOO Excited to see it and I promise I’ll photograph it and put it up here when it arrives.

And one more thing…we have extended a Thank You offer to anyone for the month of July and it’s pretty amazing. It’s our way of saying thank You for voting us Best of the Pee Dee and The Pee Dee’s Best. We held a Thank you contest on Facebook and gave away two free sessions an wall portraits, but this offer that I’m telling you about will be for anyone. Here it is, copied from Facebook:

As you know, we have what we call The Five Year Plan here at the studio which is for one child and ends at the age of 5. Well, as a thank you, we are going to SUPER CHARGE this plan!! If you book a 5 Year Plan during the month of July, it will include ALL children in your family for the next 5 years, no matter their ages and future children you may have as well! It will include ALL sessions and Limited Editions (like always) BUT…here’s the BIG part…you will ALWAYS receive Limited Edition pricing on ALL sessions (up to 60% off!). So basically, we are turning it into a 5 Year Limited Edition Family Plan…never offered before. I know this is confusing, please message us with questions! This HUGE portrait plan is being offered at $395 for the month of July. And, of course, as always, we still have our $65 First Year Baby Plan that covers all sessions in your baby’s first year of life (up to 5 sessions, newborn to first birthday!).

And finally…Collins!
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