Florence, SC Children’s Photographer: Andrew and Thomas

Hey, Y’all! I hope you all had a great weekend…wasn’t the weather Amazing?!? We had some good sessions mixed in with some fun family time, and even a little South Carolina road trip…my kind of perfect weekend. I am SO Excited about this Fall!! But back to the purpose of this blog post…I’m going to give you a two-for-one today (because I’m running INSANELY behind on the blogging). Two brothers, two separate sessions. The first is Baby Andrew’s One Year. What a CUTIE! We hadn’t seen Andrew since he was a teeny little baby, and it was so much fun to see how he’d changed over the past year. I’m telling you, this family has some pretty babies. See for yourself…=)

And next is a five year session for big brother Thomas! I love that they chose to make it all about him and what he loves to do. And as a five year old boy, what Thomas loves to do most is to go hunting with his dad. SO Fun and SO him! Ummm…Also…have y’all noticed a trend in boys clothes lately?! They’re looking rather girlish. I promise you Target has colored SKINNY (and I mean TIGHT…not just slim fit) jeans hanging in their boys department. I can just imagine Makgill Smith’s face if I tried to make him wear that mess! HAHAHA! Don’t boys need room to move?? Run, play, jump? I mean, how’s a boy gonna learn to climb a tree in a pair of bright red skinny jeans? Now I realize that a boy can’t go around at all times in head to toe camo (no matter how much they may want to), but I love that Thomas showed up for his session in BOY clothes. Can’t go wrong with Carhaart, right? It’s my favorite because a kid is free to be rough and actually play, and their clothes are going to hold up. No holes in the knees. No rips. And they make jeans and khakis, too, not just camouflage. My FAVORITE for Mak because I know that I won’t end up fussing about holes in the knees when he wears them (Do your boys slide everywhere on their knees, too? Drives me nuts). And just because it’s the family business and I also love sharing a good deal…Tomlinsons has the BEST prices around for Carhaart. You’re Welcome. =) Thomas, I LOVE that this is what you wanted for your session, Buddy! You are such a fun guy!

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