Florence, SC Children’s and Baby Photographer: Sweet Sisters, Scarlett is One and Bailey is Three!

Today’s post will be a two for one, because although these two cuties are sisters, their sessions were done separately. Let me just be upfront and honest with you…we are NOT their biggest fans. Just keeping it real. They do thankfully love them some Clara Beth Smith, who has saved their sessions on more than one occasion. The funny thing is, they do like us. It just takes them awhile to remember that and forget the camera. Nevertheless, Collin and I love these little ladies, and their parents are some of our favorite people. And we are convinced that one day they will happily run up to the studio doors, eager to have a portrait made. Maybe? Hopefully? We’ll see. 😉 Scarlett and Bayleigh, y’all are Awesome! Can’t wait to see you again soon! {And I’m serious about that, Matt and Amber!!!}

First, Miss Scarlett. Just wait until you get to the last photos from her session. Baby Girl has some serious cake LOVE!!!

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And now Sweet Bayleigh! Can I just say that the way she has her boots kicked over in this first photo kills me?!? Love this little girl!!

03872_0002FB 03872_0003FB 03872_0005FB 03872_0006FB 03872_0007FB 03872_0008FB 03872_0009FB 03872_0012FB 03872_0013FB 03872_0014FB 03872_0015FB 03872_0016FB 03872_0017FB 03872_0018FB 03872_0020FB 03872_0021FB 03872_0022FB 03872_0023FB 03872_0025FB 03872_0026FB 03872_0029FB 03872_0031FB

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