Florence, SC Baby Photographer: Turner!

Y’all! This poor little blog. What in the world? I’m neglecting it and it makes me so sad. Things in the studio and life in general are CRAZY, and posting keeps getting shoved to the back burner. I’ll do better. I mean, I have to. I have CUTENESS to blog!! Just look at Sweet Turner! So adorable, right?! And you’re in for a treat because today I’m blogging not just one, but two of Turner’s latest sessions! Told you I was behind. =) Thanks for coming to play, Baby Turner! As always it was fun. And I can’t believe that your next session will be your First Birthday session! WOW!!

03648_0002fb 03648_0003fb 03648_0004fb 03648_0005fb

03648_0006fb 03648_0007fb 03648_0008fb 03648_0009fb 03648_0010fb 03648_0011fb

03648_0013fb 03648_0014fb 03648_0015fb

03648_0017fb 03648_0018fb 03648_0019fb 03648_0022fb 03648_0029fb

03648_0031fb 03648_0032fb 03648_0033fb

And here’s Turner’s most recent session!

03839_0002FB 03839_0003FB 03839_0007FB

03839_0008FB 03839_0009FB

03839_0012FB 03839_0013FB

03839_0014FB 03839_0015FB 03839_0016FB 03839_0017FB

03839_0019FB 03839_0020FB 03839_0021FB

03839_0023FB 03839_0024FB

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