Florence, SC Baby and Child Photographer: Baby Anna and her Big Sis, Cara!

I love sitting back and watching a miracle unfold. I love it when doctors are completely baffled that a medical problem that was most certainly there according to all ultrasounds, x-rays, and tests…is GONE. Modern medicine is an incredibly powerful and beautiful thing and I am so thankful for it and the healing that it so often brings. You know what, though? My God is incredibly MORE powerful and MORE beautiful…He is the author of life, and He is sovereign. He loves us…all of us…so much. Does He always choose to heal? No. Is He still Loving? Is He still sovereign? Undoubtedly, undeniably, YES.

Meet sweet Anna. At Anna’s 18 week ultrasound her parents were told that she had severe deformities that would more than likely be incompatible with life. They were asked if they wanted to keep the pregnancy. Of course they knew that they did want to keep their baby, no matter what the outcome may be, and they immediately began praying that these lethal illnesses would not enter their baby’s body. All the while, they knew that He had ordained every single one of her days and that they would be accomplished for His good purpose. Well, as you can see, Sweet Anna is most definitely here! She was born with slightly bowed bones, but the doctors are hopeful that they will straighten out on their own over time! PRAISE GOD!!!

The testimony of Charlotte and Josh’s faith through all of this has been beautiful to see. They, of course, were terrified and completely unsure of the future. They had no clue what the outcome of Anna’s life would be, but they knew without a doubt that the one who gave her life loved her even more than they possibly could, and they trusted Him with her…no matter how long or short her life. Charlotte and Josh, Thank You for glorifying HIM in ALL of this!! We are rejoicing with you over Anna. You have two GORGEOUS girls, and we look forward to watching them grow up!

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