First Camping trip!!

Remember a few weeks back when I told you that we were going tent camping at Disney in May? Well, Collin decided that he really didn’t think I was a tent camping kind of girl. We have been researching and talking about getting a camper since the first of the year. We’ve looked at about thirty of them in person and hundreds online. Collin wanted to go the vintage route with an airstream, so we tossed that idea around for awhile, but refurbishing was going to be a long and costly process. Then we looked at newer ones and while they were great we would have to also buy a new car to haul the thing, driving the cost up pretty high. Three weeks ago we started looking at pop-up campers for the first time. We went and looked at a friend of a friend’s (who happens to camp in it with 4 kids!) and fell in love. The next day we found a couple in Hartsville who was selling their pop-up, we went to take a look at it and drove it home that day. And that is how we came to be the owners of what we affectionately refer to as Cousin Eddie.

Here’s an iphone pic of it and that’s my niece in the doorway. Cutie Pie.

We are still going camping in Disney for two nights coming up very soon. We have a portrait session there and this will also be our last trip with our annual passes. We thought it would be a good idea to try out camping for the first time a little closer to home and Collin had kept this weekend open so we could do something for our birthdays, so this past Thursday through Saturday now became the perfect option. We made reservations at Myrtle Beach State Park, loaded up the camper during that awful storm Thursday morning, and pulled out of the driveway after our Thursday morning newborn session. Y’all. This was the BEST vacation we have ever had with the kids!!!

We didn’t make it to the campground until 6:30 Thursday night due to a late start and a stop at the DMV. We had promised the kids hot dogs over the campfire for supper, but due to wet firewood we never could get more than a lot of smoke from our fire. Thankfully, people at the campground are the nicest ever and our neighbor invited us over to roast hotdogs on his fire. He started his with lighter fluid and a duraflame log. I guess that’s on the shopping list for next time. 😉 Oh well. The kids got their hotdogs, albeit much later than children should eat supper, but hey, we were camping and we were having fun. After a very late supper we tucked them snuggly in their little camp beds and all fell fast asleep.

Friday was the really great day. It was what I imagined camping trips to be like when I dreamed about them in my head. Mak was up bright and early (5:45) to visit the bath house and CB woke a little after that. Collin and I sat outside under a quilt sipping coffee and watching our little ones ride bikes until we were awake enough to move around. We then went on a family walk/bike ride and finally came back to our campsite to cook a super healthy breakfast. Eggs and sausage. =) I wish every morning could start like this!

I’m pretty sure that my arch-nemesis when it comes to camping will be dirty feet. The thought of dirty feet in clean sheets makes me cringe. I made the kids scrub with baby wipes before climbing in bed. It worked okay but I’m searching for a better option. If you have one, let me know!

Emme is most definitely a camping dog. She ate sticks and leaves, dug in the dirt and made friends with lots of other little camp dogs. She had a ball.

Clara Beth was going for “stripey” with her outfit choice. I’d say she achieved it. I could eat her up. I can’t believe my baby is almost five.

And this is pretty much where my boy spent the entire trip. There was no traffic so the kids could just ride off by themselves…for the most part. That was pretty hard for me and Mak thought I was a little too strict with his boundaries. I’m sure I’ll loosen up over time. 😉

I was SOOOO Excited that sweet Savannah’s family was also camping here this week! We have gotten to know them through homeschooling, and Savannah and CB have become buddies. They were a HUGE help with any problem that we encountered, and it was also just a lot of fun to hang out with them. Here Savannah and CB are watching Collin make breakfast outside of the camper.


If raw eggs gross you out you may want to skip over these next few photos…

Delicious homemade bread from one of our Fathers of the bride, Eddie! Thanks, Eddie…it was DELICIOUS!!!

I didn’t think it was possible for coffee to be even more delicious, but I was wrong. Camp coffee is the BEST.

After breakfast it was time to hit the BEACH!!!

The water was frigid but it didn’t stop him. He was blue when he got out.

Emme spent her time ferociously digging holes then collapsing under our beach chairs, exhausted. She was in heaven.

Her summertime curls are back! Oh, how I’ve missed them!!!

Andrew, Erin and Sweet Caroline joined us! I can’t believe Baby Girl is just weeks away from being a big sister!!! SOOOO EXCITED!!!

After lunch we took Mak, CB and Savannah to the park. It was so beautiful with all of the old oak trees.

We ended the day with s’mores around the Jordan’s campfire. Goal for our next trip: perfecting the campfire. It was so fun hanging out at their site, though!

Super fake smile from my little guy. =)

We had to pack up to come home pretty early on Saturday, but this really was one of my favorite vacations ever. Collin and I are already planning out places we can go in the future. And we would love to have friends join us, so if you are a camping family let us know! Maybe we can meet up somewhere! =)


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  • DawnMay 1, 2011 - 8:41 pm

    this ALMOST makes me want to go camping again!!! (with a camper, not a tent, OF COURSE!!) The camping in a tent thing was definitely NOT my thing! Y’all make this look FUN!!!!
    love ya/miss ya!!ReplyCancel

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