Fire Truck!!!


Just about the coolest thing ever (according to Makgill, anyway) happened this evening. I was sitting in the bathroom with Mak while he was taking care of some important business on the potty when Collin called to us to hurry up, there was something for Mak to see. We finished taking care of Makgill and ran outside, and what do we see in OUR STREET?!?! A big, shiny, red FIRETRUCK!!! There was a small brush fire in the yard across the street, so we were able to see them use the hoses and everything. Makgill was in awe. I’m sure he’s currently having wonderful dreams of fire engines.




Also, this has nothing to do with the firetrucks, but I have to share it because it made me very proud of my baby boy. After pre-school today Makgill was telling us about a new boy in his class. He said that the boy was crying, so Mak went over to him and told him that “it will be okay” and that “Jesus loves him.” Melt a Mama’s heart! I love that boy and his super-sweet heart so much!

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