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Okay, so nearly a year ago I stopped blogging most of the personal family stuff on this blog. I started a new blog for our family and that’s where I have been blogging all of the funny daily stuff that happens in the Smith household. Except lately, I haven’t been. Between blogging Collin’s sessions on this blog, family stuff on that blog, and $100 Portrait Project stuff on that blog, I can’t keep up! Add Facebook into the mix, and my poor family blog just gets left behind! It makes me so sad, because the blogs are the only baby book that I have. If I forget when Clara Beth took her first step, I check here. Mak riding a bike without training wheels for the first time is documented on the family blog, and nowhere else. But lately, I just haven’t been posting over there. So…I’m bringing them back! I probably won’t share everything with you here, but the day to day stuff will be documented here on Collin’s blog. Hopefully I’ll do a better job of keeping up with everything if it’s all in one place!

BUT…here’s the thing that you HAVE to remember. Most of the time, I take the everyday pics of the kids. Not Collin. And while I love photography, and really try to do a good job of photographing these two cuties that we have been blessed with, I am in no way Collin! My photographs are just that…photographs. Not the portraits that you see on here from his sessions! So, please be kind! I will do my best to take decent pics of my kids, but when you see something here that’s not quite up to standard…I took it! 🙂

So…here’s what we have been up to lately!

The weather was PERFECT last week! We spent every possible minute outside taking walks, riding bikes, playing chase, drawing with sidewalk chalk…or twirling in Miss CB’s case. We are deep in the midst of a tutu phase around here. She puts it on over her pjs when she wakes up, and if she has her way it doesn’t come off until bedtime. For the most part, I love it. I will say that trying to buckle a carseat around 3 million yards of tulle is ANNOYING, though!

And Mak has pretty much been riding his bike non-stop. Collin and I gave him a new one for his birthday, and he loves it! I can’t believe my BABY boy can now ride a bike without training wheels! This next pic was taken just after his face hit the road, though. OUCH. Really thankful for that helmet!

more twirling…

The jeep continues to be a favorite. Best money we’ve ever spent on a toy!

Just for fun, I hopped on Mak’s old bike. 🙂 Cute, huh? Collin was quick to grab the camera for that one.

Mak did NOT appreciate me riding it! Old or not, it’s HIS and he doesn’t want Momma to break it!

This week has been much cooler and we have stayed inside for the most part. Which has left me scrambling for fun activities. Today after lunch I found an unexplainable sticky something or other all over Mak, so I decided it was time for a bath. I don’t handle stickiness very well. And while bathing one you might as well do both, right? We threw some bubbles in to make it a little more fun!

He loves a bubble beard!

LOVE her baby lashes! Yes, she’s almost three. YES, she’s still a baby!

And because they behaved so well while I helped Daddy with a session, I let them use scissors and glue! We made a “C” sign and an “M” sign and cut out pics of things that start with those letters, then glued them to the signs. I sound like a real educational Mommy, don’t I? Wish I was! I need to do things like this so much more than I do!

Computer, circles, chair, clock, “C” pillow, couch, and chandelier. She loved it ’cause it was PINK!

So, there you have it. A little bit about what the Smith kids have been up to lately. I’ll have more soon!

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  • Susanne HodgeFebruary 17, 2009 - 10:08 pm

    I WISH I could take pictures like you, Aron! Love these new pics! Your kids are precious!!ReplyCancel

  • GillianFebruary 18, 2009 - 9:41 pm

    So glad to see an update!!! I’ve been checking CBMAK often but know y’all are extremely busy 😀

    looking forward to our next session…guess i need to schedule soon?ReplyCancel

  • […] Smith is going to bring more personal entries back to Collin’s blog. Everyone is excited to hear […]ReplyCancel

  • Linda CannonFebruary 24, 2009 - 3:21 pm

    Well, Thank goodness I finally found out where you have been posting about my grand babies!!! I’ve been looking and looking. After all “He turned Five” a whole month ago.ReplyCancel

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