Erin and Jeff’s Wedding Day

Before you start reading this post, go ahead and go grab yourself a cup of coffee, or whatever your blog reading beverage of choice may be, and then come back and get settled in for a long read. This wedding was GORGEOUS. Collin and I could not have picked a better one to kick off the 2011 wedding season. The bride and groom were head over heels in love, the wedding party was incredibly fun and the location? WOW. Breathtaking. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

We started photographing incredibly early on Saturday morning. Earlier than we ever have before. We met Erin and her mom at the spa for massages at 7:30! I loved getting started that early. See, on a wedding day Collin and I are SO anxious to get started. We typically sit around the house checking and rechecking equipment about a thousand times before it’s officially time to meet our bride and groom. This time, we woke up bright and early and immediately got to work. I loved that so much more than the hours of anxious waiting that we normally have! But you know another thing about that time that I loved? The hour of chatting that I got to do, first with Erin and then with her mom. Erin’s mom went in for her massage first while Erin and I hung out in the lobby, and then they swapped places. Erin and I discussed the details of the day…her excitement…the honeymoon…pretty much anything you can think of, we talked about it. I was so happy to see her excitement about this day and most of all, the love she had for her soon-to-be husband. Then I got that same chat time with Erin’s mom. I heard fabulous stories about Erin growing up and learned so many facts that I otherwise never would have known had we not had that time together. Then she started telling me about going over the photos from Erin’s life for the slideshow that was played at the Rehearsal and how it just happened so fast. Erin went from being her mom’s baby to little girl to grown up woman marrying the man of her dreams faster than she ever imagined. And at this point in the conversation, being the sappy Momma that I am, I was wiping the tears from my eyes thinking about how fast my own kids are growing up. Sigh. After starting the day this way, I knew it was going to be filled with love and lots of people who cared so much for this couple that was starting their life together. I was right. The day was WONDERFUL.

While I was chatting with Erin and her mom, Collin was with the guys at the golf course.

After massages and golf we met back up with Erin and all of her girls for the Bridal luncheon at The Cottage at Francis Marion. Everything was gorgeous, but even better than that, we got to hear stories of how each of these girls met Erin and how they were special to her.

From there it was back to Erin’s house for hair, make-up and getting ready!!!

Meanwhile, the guys were back at The Cottage getting ready…

To the Claussen House to prepare for the ceremony!

And just like that, it was time for the ceremony.

After the ceremony, Jeff kept saying “You’re my wife. You’re my WIFE!!!”

Congratulations, Erin and Jeff! Y’all are an amazing couple and we feel blessed to have spent your wedding day with you! Have a FANTASTIC honeymoon and we’ll see you soon!



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  • Patrick DeCesaroMay 1, 2011 - 12:17 pm

    You are right! You both have captured so much about the day that was wonderful. Thank you for sharing the day and sharing your skillful eyes with all of us.

    Patrick DeCesaro (Jeff’s brother in law)ReplyCancel

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