Emma Grace at the Beach…and a bit of info

Okay, before I blog the Lovely Emma Grace I have a HUGE praise to share with you. Remember Joseph Greenwood from a few posts back? His body was rejecting his transplanted heart. Well…his rejection level is now at ZERO!!!! Praise the Lord!!! This is Wonderful, Amazing news! Please continue to keep the Greenwood family in your prayers and then go kiss your sleeping babies in their beds tonight. I take my babies’ health for granted WAY too often. Thank you, Lord, for another miracle for Joseph!

Also…Collin, Mak, Clara Beth, my parents and I are headed to…DISNEY WORLD next week!!!! I know, I know. We were just there in February. Believe me, I understand how ridiculous it is. But seriously, people…even when we are on vacation my husband is always WORKING. Which we LOVE because we ADORE what we do. But everybody needs a break, right? So we are headed out for our last little summer fling with the kids before school starts. And it’s getting REAL this year. Mak will be in 5k. Until 2:10. 5days a week. Don’t get me started. I’m an emotional WRECK when I think about how much we will be away from each other this year. He’s still a BABY!!! Why doesn’t anyone other than me see this? Babies don’t go to school every day and they most certainly DO NOT stay there until 2:10 in the afternoon! So, anyway…back to Disney. We are doing something new while there this trip. We will be posting a sort of “tutorial” on vacation photography. Teaching you how to get better pictures of your family while on vacation. Stay tuned! *This, of course, is assuming that we have the energy after a day of theme park touring and on iPhone capability!*

And NOW….Emma Grace!!! I love her! We normally are not huge fans of babies on the beach because they are so small and the beach is SO BIG, but Emma Grace spends a Ton of time here and we LOVE how it turned out! This baby girl has such GREAT cheeks! And eyes, and smile…Beautiful baby girl! We can’t wait to play again soon, Sweet girl! Up next for you will be the big first birthday session…SO Fun!!!








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  • SusanneAugust 7, 2009 - 12:10 pm

    Beautiful! What a cute smile she has! And, I’d love a Collin Smith tutorial, but I will certainly understand if you find yourself too worn out at the end of the day to do it!ReplyCancel

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