I woke up at 6:15 this morning to get myself and the kids ready to head to Columbia to spend the day at Edventure with a group of friends. All was going well- the diaper bag was packed, Clara Beth was dressed, and Collin was going to wake Makgill up to get him ready. Makgill was up REALLY LATE last night. I have no idea why. He was in bed by 8:30, but when Collin and I went upstairs at 11:00 to go to bed, he was still awake. He had just been laying there in his bed. I told him he could sleep with us, and we all slept pretty well. So anyway, as Collin was carrying him downstairs this morning, he throws up a little. He said he felt fine, so we thought he was just tired. We are on our way to Jennie’s house to meet the group and he throws up again. I turn the van around and we head back home. He was SO UPSET! The poor baby kept saying “I’m not sick! I want to see Parson and Luke and Tallon!” So we spent the morning on the couch. Clara Beth also threw up once, but she has been eating and acting fine, so I’m not sure if she has the “bug” or not. Mak threw up a good bit this morning, but he woke up from a good nap almost an hour ago, and so far he’s okay. We hate that we missed the fun outing! Oh, well. Maybe next time!

You know what bummed me out almost as much as my boy being sick? Having myself and 2 babies dressed and ready to go by 7:45am, and then having to spend the day inside! We are never ready that early!


Clara Beth really enjoyed playing with Makgill’s “barf bowl”. Gross, I know. Don’t worry, this one had not been used when these pics were taken.


Comforting Bub-o



Poor, sweet boy


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  • RebeccaAugust 9, 2007 - 7:48 pm

    We soo missed you guys!! I hope Makgill is feeling better and that ya’ll can make it to Edventure soon for a family day!!!!!! love ya allReplyCancel

  • HopeAugust 10, 2007 - 7:47 am

    I hope everyone will be feeling better soon!ReplyCancel

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