Oh my Goodness, The Smiths LOVE us some Disney!!! That may be a little bit of an understatement. We Great Big Fat Puffy Heart Disney. Our kids ask “when are we going back to Disney?” nearly every day. We have created little Disney MONSTERS. As most of you know, we all (well except for CB…she was too young and didn’t need a ticket) had annual passes this past year. This last trip that we did the week before school started for Mak was our 5th trip in 16 months. A little bit much, you say? Maybe. But here’s the thing. Disney is a totally focused on our family, stress-free vacation for us. We literally LIVE with our work. It surrounds us CONSTANTLY. And we don’t mind that because we love what we do. Collin and I are generally working on studio stuff (most of it behind the scenes stuff) from the time we wake up until the time we go to bed at night. Our work is our life, and we are okay with that. The kids are part of it and love it, we love it…it’s just our life and it works for us. But everybody needs a break every now and then, you know? Disney is that break for us. We leave the studio stuff behind for a few days and just focus on having fun with each other. Even when we do portrait sessions there, it’s just an hour of work and then we leave it alone. No processing, no proofing…all of that waits until we get back home.

This was our first trip without annual passes. Collin still had his, but mine and Mak’s had expired. Wow, Disney is MIGHTY Pricey without Annual passes!!! When we had them, we would get our hotel for $40 a night (in Disney!) and we had no tickets to buy, so we could do Disney for less than it costs to go to the beach. Not so much, this time. We still got the hotel discounts but had to buy tickets. It got expensive REALLY quick and it made me want to buy passes again. (hint, hint…Please, Honey???)

In the past I have done a day by day report of our trips. I don’t think I’ll do it that way this time. I think I’ll just share some of our favorite moments. We’ll see.

We left Florence at 3:30 am and were at Disney in time for lunch. And, NO, the kids did NOT sleep one single bit on the drive there. They were pretty loopy at the bus stop!


She’s running around in circles singing “I Wuv Dizzy Wood!”


LOVE this boy!!!


One goal for the day…Ride Toy Story Mania. we made up our minds that we would wait in line for it, no matter how long. And wait we did. Every bit of the 80 minutes that were posted. It was worth it. The line is a fun one to wait in and most of it is in the air conditioned inside. After it was over we were EXHAUSTED so we headed back to the hotel. Li-Li and Boom Boom had arrived and we all decided to go to Downtown Disney for supper and a treat at Goofy’s Candy Co. We left the camera back in the room so there are no pics, but I would definitely recommend a trip to the candy co if you have kids. Yummy make your own treats for a teeny price!


The next day…Magic Kingdom!!!





This will always be one of my FAVORITE Disney experiences EVER…Alice rode Teacups with Miss CB!!!






I’ll be back with more soon…

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