Disney Day 3!

Friday morning the plan was to be at Hollywood Studios at rope drop and head straight to Toy Story Mania. Us and about 3 million other people. It was SO CROWDED!!! We were there before the park opened, but the Toy Story line was immediately an hour long wait and even the line to get a fast pass went all the way back to the Little Mermaid. No one really felt like standing in that long of a line, so we all split up. Reeves, Rebecca, Collin and I got fast passes for Rockin’ Roller Coaster and then took Clara Beth and Tallon and Tess to Playhouse Disney.

Okay, the first few pictures in this post are bad. REALLY BAD. The camera’s settings were all wrong but this happened really fast and I still wanted to include them because CB is still talking about this. Just as we were walking up to Playhouse Disney, a bunch of the characters ran out and came right up to CB and Tal! Here’s Goofy sneaking up behind her.

Then Chip (or maybe it was Dale. I always get them confused.) took her by the hand and walked her around. She was so Happy!

Clara Beth has a thing with the characters’ noses. She loves touching noses with them!

Then it was inside to Playhouse Disney where CB and Tal danced around and had a great time.

Waiting for the show to start…

After Playhouse Disney it was time to ride Rockin’ Roller Coaster, so we took turns riding and watching kids. Here’s Tess while Reeves and Rebecca were riding. Beautiful baby girl! She was so great this trip!

We kept Tal entertained with M&Ms. Looks Yummy, doesn’t it?

Hollywood Studios was ridiculously crowded, so we left and headed over to Epcot. Mom and Dad were already there with Mak, so the plan was to meet up with them.

Tallon was REALLY wanting to see Mickey, so we went to the Character Connection at Epcot. We tried to talk Mak into coming with us, but he was enjoying having his grandparents to himself. 😉

Tallon was hilarious with the characters! He talked so big about hugging Mickey, but when the time came to actually do it, he decided he wasn’t so sure about this character business. He would run up to them, and you could see in his face that he wanted to do it, but he just couldn’t make himself.

A quick kiss for Pluto!

Then Pluto came up and touched his baby sister. The whole time, Tal’s standing there saying “It’s okay, Tess. Don’t be scared!”

I love the concern in his eyes!

He wouldn’t kiss Minnie, Clara Beth’s hero. Miss CB simply could not understand why anyone would not want to kiss Minnie, so she took Minnie’s hand and touched Tal’s belly with it. So Cute! I loved watching these two cousins together on this trip. They love each other so much!

Dancing with Donald

A quick five for Donald!

And probably my favorite moment from the entire Character Connection experience…Tal danced with Goofy! Tallon has the BEST dance ever, and he and Goofy got down for a few minutes. I think Rebecca has this on video. I’ll try to get it and post it.

He’s not about to get close enough for a hug, though!

FINALLY after the characters we met back up with my boy! I mentioned before that this trip was Mom and Dad’s 5th birthday gift to him, which meant that Mak stayed in their hotel room and they pretty much did whatever he wanted to this entire trip. Which meant that Collin and I weren’t with him a whole lot. We missed him, but I know he had a great time with his Li-Li and Boom-Boom (my parent’s grandparent names). And it was kind of nice to only be responsible for one kid again. I had forgotten how easy it is to just have one!

We all headed over to Britain in the World Showcase for our picnic lunch. Look closely at this next pic. There’s a yellow streak across Tal’s cheek. It’s from a sharpie marker at the Kidcot stop in Britain. Seriously, they put Sharpie PERMANENT markers in the hands of pre-schoolers as a way to keep them entertained. Why would they do this????

Here’s Mak showing Tal that he’s NOT tall enough for Soarin’. Stinker.

And some loves beteween CB and Boom-Boom.

Mak with my cousin Laura and Aunt Dee Dee. We didn’t get to spend nearly as much time with them as I would have liked. Mak did, though! He and Laura rode a lot of rides together that CB and Tal weren’t tall enough for. He ADORES Laura!

From here we rode Nemo and wandered around looking at fish, and then we all split up again. We took the little ones to ride Figment and Spaceship Earth while my parents took Mak to Soarin, his FAVORITE!!!

And we all met back up again at the Magic Kingdom to boat over to Wilderness Lodge for our dinner reservations at Whispering Canyon, one of our all-time Favorite Disney restaurants!

Playing with Lincoln Logs while we waited for our table.

Fighting over some other kid’s creation. I love their expressions!

This restaurant is SOOOO FUN!!! If you drink your coke really fast, the waitress will bring you a coke in a 2 liter Mason jar. Here’s Collin’s!

And to get ketchup, she makes you stand in your chair and shout “WE NEED KETCHUP” to the entire restaurant. Everyone in the restaurant then brings bottles of ketchup to your table. We ended up with about twenty bottles!

There are stick pony races for the kids,

And we ended with another birthday cake for Mak!

Sweet baby girl was TIRED. We all were. So we decided to call it a night and head back to the hotel.

One exhausted Boy!

Another GREAT day at Disney! The next day would be our last. 🙁

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  • RebeccaMarch 5, 2009 - 9:12 pm

    LOVE IT- I totally have Clara Beth ON VIDEO kissing Goofy’s nose!! she is too cute and I do LOVE the picture of Tallon dancing with Goofy- I was laughing reading your commentary with the pictures- you write so well- could you please update my blog=) =) and the pics of Tal with the m and m’s. OH MY- disgusting!ReplyCancel

  • gillianMarch 6, 2009 - 7:42 am

    Reeves looks pretty exhausted in that last picture too!ReplyCancel

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