Disney, Day 2


It is a new day, the sky is blue, the clouds are white and everyone had a pretty good nights sleep. Our goal for the day is to get on the buses, monorail, and visit the different hotels to get Makgill ready for the whole experience. We check out of Pop Century and headed to Port Orleans where we will be spending the rest of our nights here. From there, we explored the outside of all of the parks.pa150073_resize.JPG

Some people thought that Mak is too young to do a trip like this, but I have to say, if you have not taken your kids to Disney World before, you are really missing out. The excitement on his face is absolutely priceless. It is absolutely indescribable how it makes me and Aron feel.

We got to ride the busses, pa150096_resize.JPGwhich would have been enough for Makgill. pa150104_resize.JPGIn fact, a PDRTA pass would have done the trick and been a whole lot cheaper. Then we rode the monorailpa150077_resize.JPG, and we got to sit in the front for a little while. pa150081_resize.JPG pa150083_resize.JPG


We rode two different boats to get to a couple different areas. Makgill smiled the entire time. Clara Beth has been great this entire trip, too. pa150124_resize.JPGBut she doesn’t quite grasp the whole idea of it. Her big trip will come in a couple of years.

Places we went.pa150110_resize.JPG pa150121_resize.JPG


We had a nap time todaypa150134_resize.JPG, which is actually when I wrote most of the adventures of yeasterday.

Heade back out to the parks.pa150136_resize.JPG

We ate at the Wilderness Lodge tonight. By far some of the best food I have ever had. It better be, though, for how much it cost. It should be our most extravagant meal this trip. Once we got back to our hotel, we went into the store and purchased the autograph book and a Pal Mickey. Pal Mickey is a Mickey doll that will talk to Makgill as we go through the parks over the next few days. I cannot wait to see how Mak reacts when Mickey starts talking to him about things that he sees around him. He will probably wonder why all of his toys don’t react to their surroundings too. We will see.

On a boat back to the hotel.pa150137_resize.JPG

Makgill is asleep for the night now. I will be soon, too. I hope to keep up to date while we are here, but internet is not cheap, or free like at most hotels, so it may be every couple of days…

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