Disney Day 2

Okay, y’all. Here’s where the posts are going to get REALLY heavy with pictures. We came home with nearly a thousand of them and you have no idea how hard it is for me to narrow it down. I’ll try my best. 🙂

We started the day bright and early on Thursday with high hopes that the Magic Kingdom would be WAY less crowded than what the rest of my family experienced the night before at Hollywood Studios. It was extra magic hours, and our goal was to be at MK by 8am. We made it!

Oh, and before you ask, the absolutely ADORABLE happy monster tees were made by my uber-talented sister-in-law, Rebecca. We were asked about them about a million times that day. And, yes, she does sell them! Email me at aron@sc.rr.com for more info! They are FABULOUS!!!

Here we are waiting on the bus that morning. I still can’t believe this baby boy of mine is FIVE. WOW.

This was Tal’s first Disney trip. I’m so happy that we got to experience it with him!

First ride of the day and Tal’s first EVER Magic Kingdom ride…Dumbo, of course!

LOVE it!!!

Sweet baby Tess was so happy to hang in the baby carrier. She rode nearly every ride this way and pretty much loved every minute of it!

Mom doing Disney her favorite way…with her grandbabies!

We left the strollers parked at Dumbo and did all of Fantasyland (and some of Tomorrowland) by foot. The kids did great and the crowds were perfect! Nearly no waits!

Teacups! This makes me happy! 🙂

Makes Tal happy, too!

Then on to one of Mak’s Favorites, what he has always called FAST CARS!!!

Li-Li (my mom) was pretty happy to sit this one out.

Clara Beth and Tallon in line for Barnstormer. Mak won’t ride it anymore because he says the “drop” scares him. HUH??? He does the big roller coasters but refuses Barnstormer. I don’t get it.

Small World! Miss CB’s FAV because of all of the “babies”. 😉

Can I just tell you how PERFECT my baby girl’s kisses are? Full-on mouth to mouth smacks! She even grabs your face to pull you closer. I LOVE her kisses!

This trip we did something that we have never done before. We packed our lunches every day. Usually we eat out at least two, but sometimes three meals a day in the parks. Recently, though, Collin and I have really cut down on our eating out. We feel so much better and have lost weight, and I didn’t want to un-do it all with this trip. So each morning we packed sandwiches and fruit and found a quiet picnic spot. It worked so well and is definitely something we will continue. This day, we hopped on the monorail and headed over to the Polynesian for a little beach-side picnic. The kids ran around and we were away from the crowds for a little while. No pics from the actual picnic, though!

After lunch we headed back to the now VERY crowded MK. Here we are in Minnie’s house. Tal and I were playing and he fell off the couch right after this picture was taken. Poor kid. Mean Aunt Aron. 🙁

Okay, this is my FAVORITE memory from the entire trip, and I know that there is no possible way that I can re-tell it in a way that will do it any kind of justice. But I will try, because I MUST always remember it. Reeves and Tal and Dad and Mak were riding that awful Rocket ride thing while the rest of us relaxed on a bench for a little bit. I let Miss Priss out of her stroller and she was running around doing what I thought was chasing birds that were trying to eat popcorn on the ground. Then I looked a little closer and realized she was running after them with her cute little pointer finger sticking out, fully expecting the birds to perch on her finger the way they do in nearly every Disney princess movie. It was Hilarious!!! Think she has a princess complex?

See the finger? Sweet Silly girl!

That evening we headed to the Animal Kingdom Lodge for dinner where Mak enjoyed the first of many birthday cakes.

And then BACK to the MK for Spectro and Wishes. We staked out our spot and waited for the parade to begin. And asked Miss CB if she needed to go potty. She said no. Several times. We believed her. BIG MISTAKE.

The parade begins and Tal and CB are in awe (Mak and my parents are off riding rides somewhere). Ariel even blew CB a kiss! Then it happened. I felt her start squirming in my lap and then she TEE-TEED ON ME!!! It was awful! I quickly lifted her off my lap and stood her on the sidewalk beside me where she continued to go. I had no idea what to do. I couldn’t make her stop and there was no way we were getting through the crowds to a potty. The poor 9 year old girl behind us had the most disgusted look on her face I have ever seen. We ended up walking all the way down Main St to the Baby Care center to get her cleaned up. Not something I ever want to do again.

After the clean-up we met back up with Reeves, Rebecca, Tal and Tess for Wishes. Everyone was pretty tired at this point.

And finally, back to the hotel for Sleep. We have stayed in many Disney resorts, from deluxe all the way down to values and in all levels in between. This one was a value. We have NEVER had better mousekeeping (housekeeping, Disney-style ;)) than we did on this trip. Every night we had multiple towel creations to come home to, and the kids’ stuffed animals were waiting in the window. It was So Fun!

I’m so glad Day 2 was better than Day 1. It got very crowded after lunch, but we still got a lot done. And best of all, all of the kids had a GREAT time!

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  • gillianMarch 4, 2009 - 8:21 am

    as always your recap makes me feel like i was there with you! looks like y’all had a great 2nd day! sorry you got tee-teed on 😳 love the monster shirts rebecca made, so cute!!!ReplyCancel

  • RebeccaMarch 5, 2009 - 7:37 am

    I am soo glad you are blogging Disney- I have loved reading Day 1 and Day 2!!! We had a BLAST doing Disney with you guys! The pictures are Fantastic!! We love you guys!ReplyCancel

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