Day 6

This morning Magic Kingdom opened at 8:00, and Collin and I wanted to be there then so we could ride Space Mountain. This was the only roller coaster we did on the trip. Brandon gets motion sickness really easily, and with so much for the kids to do, we didn’t really feel like taking the time to ride them. Also, Mak wanted to ride them all, but couldn’t, so it just felt mean to ride in front of him. Totally not worth it. The Grangers decided to sleep in this morning and then head over to lost and found to get Lilah’s shoe from earlier in the week. So we split up. Collin and I made it to the park about 5 after 8, and headed straight for Space Mountain. We did the baby swap thing, and were finished with the ride in about 15 minutes. It was great. Best part of all, the ride’s hidden so Mak didn’t even know what he was missing!


We then let Mak pick out what we did next, and he SCREAMED “FAST CARS!!!!!” So that’s where we went. I again tried to convince Mak to ride with me, and he again refused. So it was Daddy and Mak and Mama and CB. We had so much fun crashing and laughing! I LOVED hearing their “giggle screams”!




After the ride, Mak was skipping along, and one of the DREAM TEAM cast members stopped him!!!!! I was imagining a night in the castle, dream fast passes, and a million other things. You see, it’s The Year of a Million Dreams at Disney, and these guys stand around for the sole purpose of giving away “dreams”. You can’t buy them, you have to be awarded them. So the guy starts talking to my boy, asking him what color car he had and if he had fun. But that was it. We think he was looking for someone with a specific color car, and we didn’t have it. Oh well. We still had fun on the ride!


We made our way through Fantasyland, riding various rides and just enjoying being there. We were nearing the end of the trip, and had already done everything we wanted to, so all of this was just “extra”.





Mak tried really hard to pull the sword out of the stone, but it didn’t happen.


He sure gave it his all, though!


Next we headed over to do Barnstormer again. Earlier, while in line for fast cars, Mak said he didn’t want to ride Barnstormer again because “it scared my tummy”. I thought that was the cutest way to put it! Somewhere along the way, he changed his mind, though, so off we went. First with Daddy, then with me. Lots of FUN!




We then went to explore Mickey’s house, and thought about waiting in line for CB to see princesses, but decided it just wasn’t worth 45 minutes.


So we headed to the playground to wait for the Grangers. After meeting up with them, we rode the train around the park.





One ride that we had not done yet was The Haunted Mansion. It had been redone since the last time we were there, and I wanted to see what it was like. The Grangers decided to sit this one out, not knowing how the kids would handle it, so the 4 of us got in line. I will probably never do this ride again, simply because of the line. It wasn’t a bad wait at all, maybe 10 minutes, but it was SO CLAUSTERPHOBIC! Everyone was on top of one another. I hated it! The ride itself was fine, Mak thought all of the ugly ghosts were hilarious, and he loved riding in the doom buggy.


While we did the Mansion, the Grangers did Mickey’s Philharmagic, which Parson loved. We met up with them for a few minutes before splitting up again to ride different rides.

Brandon, “Landscaper Extraordinaire” enjoyed looking at all of the flowers/plants throughout the parks.


While we were in line for Dumbo, two great things happened. First, this little band came around playing Disney songs so we got to see Mak and CB dance (so cute!), and then, our great friend Heather called saying they were on their way to the Magic Kingdom! You may have seen Patrick, Heather, Alana, and Lili on the blog in the past. Heather and I were pregnant with Mak and Alana together, and they moved to Jacksonville shortly after Alana was born. We miss them so much, and were so excited that we could meet up at Disney! But a little sad, too, because Pat couldn’t come. Of course, now is the time that the camera’s battery dies, so no pics of the reunion between Mak and Alana, but it was great! She walked up just as we boarded our Dumbo, and they waved excitedly. Then Mak shouted to her “Your bow is pretty!” It was so cute to see my Baby Boy give a girl a compliment!


After lots of hugs when Dumbo was over, we rode teacups and headed to The Wilderness Lodge for our lunch reservation at the Whispering Canyon Cafe. All of these pics were taken with Heather’s camera, since ours was no longer functioning. And just to warn you, Collin has NO CLUE what to do with a point and shoot camera! We didn’t even know if they would turn out. Thanks, Heather, for letting us borrow it to document our time!

This lunch was great…delicious food and lots of activities for the kids. Mak, Parson, Alana, and Lilah all rode stick ponies around the restaurant. They were the cutest little cowboys and cowgirls!




Collin was really thirsty, so they brought him THIS to drink from. I had read about this, and hoped they would bring one to someone at our table. The kids thought it was great!



After lunch, we headed to the gift shop where Parson showed us that he apparently has an inner Davy Crockett.



How CUTE is he?!?!


The tree in the Wilderness Lodge lobby


That evening, we all went to Epcot to ride a few rides and watch Illuminations.

Our Nordic Princess…We’re so proud


Waiting for the show


She and Lilah slept through it all!


On the way back, they all 6 fell asleep. It was so cute watching Makgill try to figure out how he could curl up with Alana. He’s In Love!!!


Tomorrow…the BEST breakfast yet, and our last full day. 🙁

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