Day 2

Everyone slept well that first night, and the kids had us out of bed by 6:30. Each morning the kids watched our “pet” ducks while Collin and I got ready. Several times they (the ducks, not the kids) pooped on the patio, which of course thrilled Makgill. What is it with boys and poop???? I’ll never understand!

Clara Beth cried her little eyes out EVERY night to wear this tacky nightgown. She calls all princesses “Tink” and kicked and screamed until she got what she wanted. The thing was SO GROSS by the time we left!


This morning was our first “real” Magic Kingdom day, and we were walking in the park just as the opening ceremonies were ending. I’d never seen that before, and it was fun to have Mickey and Minnie waving to you as you entered the park. We headed straight for Dumbo, because for some reason that line is always the longest, and unbearably hot in the middle of the day. We waited maybe 10 minutes. Our longest wait for the entire week was about 15 minutes. I LOVE the off-season!

Lilah sporting her 1st Visit button




From there we rode Hunny pots at Winnie the Pooh


And fought off the Evil Zurg on Buzz Lightyear.


After the ride, we ran into the Space Ranger himself, Buzz Lightyear! Mak LOVES Buzz, and this is the first time we’ve ever met him “in person”. Mak kept pushing his buttons, but wouldn’t pose for a picture.



After leaving Buzz, we headed to The Crystal Palace for our first character meal of the trip. This one was with Pooh and Friends.

Mak and Parson sneaking a peak before they called our group. See Piglet?


Lilah wasn’t quite sure what to think of the characters. She didn’t really mind them, but she did NOT want to get too close.


Clara Beth was just interested in “ma foo” (my food), and didn’t even notice the characters until she had eaten. Then, though, she was like Lilah and didn’t want to go up to them. She warmed up by the end of the week.


Peek-a-boo with Piglet


The boys participated in a parade around the restaurant. I was so proud of them for doing this all on their own! That’s a pretty big step for them both.


And finally the Main Man…Winnie the Pooh!



Lovin’ on Tigger


And Bouncing with Tigger (that’s what Tiggers do best)!


And here’s where Jessica found a new man. Not sure what it was exactly, but Tigger LOVED him some Jessica. He hugged her once, then again, and again!


And Again! That Tiger kept coming back for more!


Feeling revived after some food, we headed out to board our “ship” for the Jungle Cruise.

Cool Cat Lilah wearing CB’s sunglasses! These girls traded EVERYTING this trip…sunglasses, shoes, pappies.


Then we hit the turning point in the trip for Parson. Pirates of the Carribean. He was not a fan, and from that point on was scared in the line of pretty much any ride. The funny thing is, he was only scared in the line. Once the show/ride started, the kid LOVED it! It definitely didn’t ruin his trip or anything, just made him a little cautious of new experiences. Here he is with his hook after the ride. Doesn’t look too traumatized, does he?


It’s A Small World After All…


And a nap for CB. She slept in the stroller this trip, something she hasn’t done for many, many months. It made things so much easier! From here we headed back to the room so everyone else could nap. CB continued to sleep in the stroller in the room for about 20 more minutes until her super sweet big brother decided she needed to be jolted awake with a loud shriek and a gentle smack on the leg. Sometimes 3 year olds make me INSANE!


So we took that time to explore the hotel while the others finished their naps.

The waterfall in the lobby


And the gift shop. She loved tu-tu Minnie. So, of course, she got it.


She didn’t get the breakable Tink, but admired it for a long time with those slobbery baby fingers! Love them!


Back to the MK for some yummy ice-cream snacks. The Granger kids had Mickey cones,


Clara Beth mooched,


and Mak wanted “green” ice cream.


Lilah double-fisting it!


We then caught the show at the Castle





And then it was on to Mak’s 2nd favorite ride- FAST CARS! He refuses to ride it with me. Boys Only!


Baby CB will ride with her Mama, though!


Parson also loved it as soon as he figured out he could crash the other cars!





And the final ride of the night for the Boys, Barn Stormer!


Baby Girls weren’t tall enough, but they had fun waiting on their brothers!


The Castle all lit up


And that was the end of a great first “real” day! Tomorrow…Animal Kingdom. A total mess-up on my part. I STILL don’t “get” that park!

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