Family Friday: Daddy Daughter Dance 2013

I’m counting this as the Family Friday post even though I’m posting on Saturday. And I know I’ve been slacking on that 2013 goal. Hoping to get back into it!

Hands down, her favorite night of the year. She loves dressing up. She loves having her hair done. She loves dancing. And she ADORES her Daddy. So, pretty much, nothing could top this night for my CB.

I love seeing how my sweet baby has grown through her Daddy Daughter Dance pictures. Goodness, I wish I could go back in time and scoop that baby up in my arms! It’s incredible to me how big I thought she was at that first dance…but she was SO tiny.

This was 2009. She was two. Barely had any hair. I LOVED this dress…maybe my favorite?

Age three. This was the first year that she picked the dress. Finally getting some hair. That was the year that it snowed and the dance {at Cornerstone that year} ended after about 20 minutes. Funny that this year we’ll {hopefully} see more of the white stuff? Oh, and that first photo?? I want to kiss her little face off. LOVE.

Age four. TWIRL was the big factor for this year.

Age five she found a dress with a capelet and that sold it for her. This was the year that she definitely looked older to me. This was the year that she made it nearly to the end of the dance.

Age six. This year she wanted a sparkly dress that kind of looked like a ballerina and twirled. She wanted her hair curly and on top of her head and good for dancing. This year she asked her Daddy if he would take her to the dance in Buck the Truck (pretty much made her Daddy’s year with that request). This year she was minus three teeth. This year was the year that her two cousins also joined her at the dance for the first time. This year she made it to the very end and didn’t want to leave when they announced it was the last song.

We started the event at The Salon with Barbi working magic on her hair. She loves it here! Thank you, Barbi, for making my girl feel so special!

Miss Tess was in the chair first. SOOOO Cute!!!

Her hair was so spunky and CUTE!! Just like our Tess!

CB’s turn!

Miss Hallie has definitely aquired some of her Momma’s hair-doing genes!

We left The Salon with two very excited little girls and headed home to get dressed. Caroline and Andrew and Raelyn and Robby arrived shortly, and the posed portraits began. This group photo may be my favorite ever. Hilarious!!

Andrew wins Dad of the Year. LOOK at that tie!!! How precious is that?!? CC made it for him and he proudly wore it all night. I love it!

She was so excited to ride in Buck. That’s a treat usually reserved for Daddy and Mak.

AHHHH…My heart! Melting!!!

I got picture texts of her throughout the night. She loved every minute of the dance. And at one point he sent me a photo of her sitting in a chair with her feet not even close to touching the floor. He texted it with the words “She is still a little girl”. He knew just what I needed to hear. So thankful for this precious tradition!

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