Cousins Do Disney 2014, Part 4: Princess Day!

PRINCESS Day!!! These four girls had been waiting for this day all week long. Eating in THE CASTLE. Have Mercy, could anything be better for a little girl? We woke up super early and got all dolled up in {super itchy} gorgeous gowns, created princess hair, and had a royal photo session on the sidewalk outside. At the last minute before we left Florence for Orlando, I grabbed three cheap-o princess crowns out of our photo booth stash from a recent event that Collin did. This created crowns for three of our little ladies, but poor Lilah Drew only had a bow. She kept telling us she wasn’t a princess yet because she didn’t have a crown. Oops. I thought we were going to be able to pull one over on the baby. I guess not. This baby is smart.

Prettiest princesses we saw that day. Or any day. =)

IMG_1264fb IMG_1265fb IMG_1271fb IMG_1277fb IMG_1281fb

Pretty light on the ferry ride to Magic Kingdom. =)

IMG_1286fb IMG_1290fb IMG_1292fb IMG_1299fb IMG_1300fb

So, if you’ve ever driven to the Magic Kingdom, you may or may not have noticed the giant speedway that you pass. I personally never noticed it until I had a Collin and a Makgill. My boys LOVE speed. And that morning when we drove past, Collin noticed a sign that was advertising a Junior ride-a-long. This was Mak’s face after Collin got off of the phone with the speedway and he learned that he would be riding on that speedway later that afternoon. More on that later.

IMG_1302fb IMG_1306fb IMG_1311fb

That’s a good daddy that will skip through the Magic Kingdom with his little Cinderella because she asked him to. I love him for that.

IMG_1319fb IMG_1321fb IMG_1324fb

I am SO THANKFUL that my girl has these girls.

IMG_1329fb IMG_1330fb

She got a crown. She’s a real princess now. Silly girl.



IMG_1345fb IMG_1352fb IMG_1353fb

The girls and the boys decided to split up. We did Belle’s Storytime thing, and this is when Reeves discovered that Tate was his golden ticket. He found Baby Swap, and used it to his full advantage, getting fast pass upon fast pass upon fast pass…all because he had a sweet little boy who was too short to ride the big rides. But don’t feel bad for Tate. He was rewarded with lots and lots of ice cream.

Storytime with Belle…

IMG_1366fb IMG_1369fb IMG_1374fb IMG_1377fb IMG_1379fb IMG_1384fb IMG_1385fb IMG_1394fb IMG_1399fb

Fun stuff. Then we had time to ride the carousel for the 763rd time. Princesses love them some carousel.

IMG_1405fb IMG_1409fb IMG_1410fb

Finally…time to dine like royalty!

IMG_1424fb IMG_1427fb IMG_1433fb IMG_1436fb IMG_1448fb IMG_1454fb IMG_1460fb IMG_1461fb IMG_1464fb IMG_1468fb IMG_1471fb IMG_1473fb IMG_1479fb

Y’all, these meals are so stressful to me. But they’re better than waiting for hours in a line to meet a princess.

IMG_1489fb IMG_1492fb IMG_1495fb IMG_1507fb IMG_1514fb

She thought Ariel’s signature was the prettiest.

IMG_1520fb IMG_1524fb

Dessert! Icing filled miniature ice-cream cones. So Cute!

IMG_1527fb IMG_1529fb IMG_1534fb IMG_1548fb IMG_1550fb IMG_1557fb

Remember way back in that first Disney post when I mentioned that someone said “You know how there’s always someone at Disney who looks worse than you? It’s her.” Oh, Sweet Lilah Drew. She spilled the ketchup and spent most of the meal sitting in it, unbeknownst to us. Baby was covered. It was NASTY. This is how she left the park. HA! Poor kid! We met back up with our boys and headed back to the house for a nap. And a wardrobe change. 😉

IMG_1558fb IMG_1569fb IMG_1570fb IMG_1572fb IMG_1578fb

Lilah Drew!! I love you, Sweet Thing!


When the baby of the group ends up in nothing but her monogrammed bloomers and the almost baby of the group realizes that he is once again leaving the park without a Mickey balloon, you know it’s nap time. Gracious those two are cute and I love them to pieces!


Such a fun morning! The girls still talk about their lunch with the princesses every time they get together. It was definitely a highlight of the trip!

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