Cousins Do Disney 2014: Part 4, Classical Conversations in Epcot

When I did the last Disney blog post I said that the next one would be our princess lunch, but I forgot about this day. It was our “middle of the week some of us rested some of us shopped some of us went to the parks and did some school” day. Collin and I had Mak, Clara Beth, and Tallon, and we spent the day in Epcot. The curriculum that we all use with homeschooling is Classical Conversations, and Epcot is full of really great things that tie in with some of the things that these three have learned over the past two years.

The older three experienced a little bit of Newton’s laws of motion in the Sum of All Thrills ride. And there’s really not a lot to take pictures of there, so I didn’t. But while Mak and Tallon rode it for a second time, Clara Beth, Caroline, and Lilah Drew did a little game thing over in the Storm Center place.

IMG_1128fb IMG_1130fb IMG_1132fb IMG_1139fb

We spent most of the day touring the World Showcase. This year in Geography they have learned a ton of European countries, cities, peninsulas, bodies of water, etc, so it was fun to have something concrete to show them about what these places look like. And since the funding is not there for a real European vacation, visiting multiple countries in one afternoon was the next best thing. Thanks for that, Epcot. =)


We did the American Adventure, and while they enjoyed it, this will actually be much more pertinent next year when they are studying American History. Which is why we should start planning another trip. Ahem. Collin Smith, are you listening? 😉


Vikings!! This was a great one for them this year. Because of this ride, Mak ended up doing his big end of the year research paper and presentation (called Faces of History) on Leif Ericsson.


See? Doesn’t he look excited about learning more about Viking history? 😉 He actually was, it was just a super long line in really bright sun. And, you know, the picture thing. It always illicit a genuine smile from him. =)

IMG_1166fb IMG_1168fb

Club Cool! My kids had one mission. To get their unsuspecting, soda loving cousin to try the NASTIEST drink on the planet, Beverly. They told Tallon that it tasted just like Sprite and to take a big gulp.

IMG_1169fb IMG_1170fb


IMG_1172fb IMG_1173fb IMG_1175fb

Wait. What??


So bad he almost cried.

IMG_1178fb IMG_1180fb

And then he just got angry…


He disposed of it quickly. That boy is a good sport! He moved on to all of the better tasting drinks and enjoyed those quite a bit!

IMG_1183fb IMG_1185fb IMG_1189fb IMG_1192fb IMG_1199fb IMG_1201fb IMG_1203fb IMG_1210fb

Boom Boom, Li-Li, and the big {hyped up on sugar drinks} cousins!

IMG_1214fb IMG_1215fb IMG_1226fb IMG_1228fb

One last stop before heading home to swim…Spaceship Earth! They traveled through parts of their timeline that they memorize with CC.

Gutenberg’s printing press

IMG_1235fb IMG_1237fb

Michelangelo during the Renaissance


Age of Industry


US astronauts walk on the moon…


Age of Information and Globalization…


Spaceship Earth really is a cool little journey through their Classical Conversations timeline, and it warmed my momma-teacher heart to see them make the connections. After finishing this ride we headed back to the house for some swimming and an early bedtime. I’m so thankful we had this day with the big ones! Crazy how fast they’re growing up. =)

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