Cousins Do Disney 2014, Part 1

“She can’t get to her chocolate milk because the ketchup is clogging the straw.”

“I don’t like Barnstormer because it hurts my tummy and makes me have to poop!”

“You know how there’s always someone at Disney who looks worse than you? It’s her.” {this was said about one of our own. Lovingly, of course. =)}

“Reeves found the golden ticket!”

“For the love of all that is pure and holy, buy that child a balloon!”

Yes, all of this and much more was said on our Disney trip last week. For the very first time ever, all of the cousins did Disney together. It was awesome and exhausting. Not surprisingly, there are about a million photos from this trip. Way too many to fit into one blog post, so I’m going to break it up into as many posts as it takes.

To give you a little bit of background information, my parents always take their grandchildren to Disney World for their fifth birthday. This year they decided to combine Tess and Caroline’s trips. Tess turned five in December and Caroline will be five in June. As you probably know by now, the Smiths never pass up an opportunity to head to the Happiest Place on Earth, so we were along for the ride. Because we were all planning on going, Mom and Dad decided to rent a house for all of us to stay in. OFF PROPERTY. I know. Many of you just gasped in horror. Call us Disney snobs if you’d like {and you would be correct in doing so} but we have never stayed off property on a Disney trip. We love the Disney bubble. Parking our car and leaving it alone for the entire trip is one of the best perks that Disney offers in our opinion. Soap with Mickey’s head etched into it, hidden Mickey’s on bedspreads and wallpaper, cast members encouraging you to “Have a Magical Day!”…it all makes up that Disney bubble and we all love every part of it. So we were a touch nervous about staying off site. It just made sense, though. We found a seven bedroom house that would sleep us all for the week for a fraction of the cost that it would be to stay at Disney. Mom booked it and gave us the house for Christmas {Best Christmas present ever!}.

Annnnd…it was Fabulous! We were all pleasantly surprised and we would even do it again. We made a few off property mistakes and learned a lot, but overall it was a great experience.

About three weeks before the trip, we all decided to head down a night early to get one more Disney Day in. Because seven days isn’t enough, right? We understand that we may have a problem. Ahem. Anyway, the four of us, along with Reeves and Rebecca, decided to camp at Fort Wilderness the night before we checked into the house. In a TENT. At this point, I would consider our family to be experienced campers. In our Airstream. A tent? Not so much. We borrowed one from the Otts and decided that we could handle anything for one night. Surprisingly, that night wasn’t bad either! And we got to watch Wishes from the beach, which is one of my favorite Disney things.

Thank goodness for this boy. I was zero help when it came to setting up the tent.

IMG_0206fb IMG_0208fbObviously, you wear your tent dress when you are tent camping.
IMG_0211fb IMG_0212fb IMG_0219fb IMG_0221fb IMG_0222fbSoon cousins arrived!
IMG_0228fb IMG_0230fb IMG_0231fbSlightly excited to be OUT of the car

IMG_0241fb IMG_0244fb IMG_0245fb IMG_0248fb IMG_0251fb IMG_0252fb IMG_0254fb IMG_0258fb IMG_0259fb IMG_0264fb

We ate supper, watched Wishes and headed back to sleep. Not the best night of sleep ever, but really not all that bad either. Then on Saturday morning we met up with the rest of the family at Magic Kingdom.

The Disney bus ride will always be a favorite!

IMG_0267fb IMG_0270fb IMG_0275fb IMG_0279fb

First glimpses of the Magic Kingdom from the boat!

IMG_0282fb IMG_0286fb IMG_0289fb IMG_0294fb

Oh, Sweet Caroline and the carousel. This child rode this ride 7394 times on this trip. I have never seen a little girl with so much devotion to one ride! Her happy place in the MK, for sure!

IMG_0298fb IMG_0302fb IMG_0306fb IMG_0308fb IMG_0311fb IMG_0312fb IMG_0314fb IMG_0316fb

Where Tate spent a good portion of his week. I kept waiting for him to tee-tee down his Daddy’s back. You know, like that picture that’s floating around Pinterest? Didn’t happen. =)

IMG_0323fb IMG_0326fb IMG_0327fb IMG_0331fb IMG_0333fb IMG_0334fb IMG_0335fb

These three did everything they could to spin their teacup the fastest and make each other the sickest. No adult wanted to ride with them.

IMG_0346fb IMG_0348fb

Lilah Drew is notorious for motion sickness. Seriously, the poor baby will throw up just from her Daddy circling the parking lot. And she wanted to ride Tea Cups this trip! Boom-Boom was the brave soul who boarded the cup with her. And he did everything in his power to hold that cup still. It worked! Baby didn’t lose it. In fact, she loved it!


We ended the day by heading to Rainforest Cafe for supper. We had seven exhausted but hyped up on Mickey Love kids and eight adults who just wanted a place to sit and some sweet tea. And Rainforest Cafe is pretty much the only place in Disney to get real sweet tea.

I just want to pinch her, she’s so cute.

IMG_0371fb IMG_0373fb IMG_0374fb IMG_0376fb IMG_0380fb IMG_0386fb IMG_0391fb IMG_0398fb IMG_0404fb IMG_0409fb IMG_0410fb IMG_0414fb IMG_0415fb IMG_0419fb IMG_0421fb IMG_0428fb IMG_0435fb IMG_0436fb IMG_0439fb IMG_0443fb IMG_0450fb IMG_0452fb IMG_0456fb IMG_0462fb

More from the trip coming soon!

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