Cousins do Disney 2014: Animal Kingdom!

For real, it’s a little crazy how much I love this place. Not Animal Kingdom, necessarily, but Disney in general. I get that lots of people don’t feel this way, but I love that it’s a place that our family loves going to. I hope the kids never outgrow that. Anyway, here’s the next part in the Cousins Do Disney saga…

This pic is not much to look at, but it’s important because Tal lost a tooth as we were walking into the Animal Kingdom. Blood was everywhere. Fun times, Fun times.


Matching cousin outfits make Disney even more fun if you are a little girl. Funny story, though, we saw grown adult men walking around in CHEVRON MICKEY shirts with their MONOGRAM embroidered on the pocket, matching their entire family. Southern Women, I beg you not to do that. It’s just not okay.


IMG_0510fb IMG_0511fb IMG_0512fb


Baby was already sleepy and we weren’t even on the first ride yet.


Those baby blues! Thank you, Boom Boom (my dad) for passing those on to your grandkids.

IMG_0520fb IMG_0526fb IMG_0528fb

IMG_0534 1fb IMG_0535 1fb IMG_0543 1fb IMG_0550fb

Birthday Girls lovin’ the Safari!

IMG_0551fb IMG_0552fb

IMG_0553fb IMG_0558fb IMG_0559fb IMG_0564fb IMG_0569fb IMG_0571fb IMG_0583fb IMG_0584fb IMG_0586fb IMG_0590fb

Dinosaur Dumbo.

IMG_0599fb IMG_0604fb IMG_0605fb IMG_0606fb

The Bigs on Primeval Whirl! And being threatened with no ice cream if they don’t smile for pictures.

IMG_0609fb IMG_0610fb IMG_0611fb IMG_0613fb IMG_0622fb IMG_0625fb

We contemplated moving here for the rest of the trip…

IMG_0629fb IMG_0631fb IMG_0635fb IMG_0636fb

We did lunch, finished up Animal Kingdom, and then headed over to the Beach Club for what we thought would be an early supper at Beaches and Cream. Only they now take reservations so we were out of luck. So Bummed! Word to the Wise, if you want a Kitchen Sink make sure you secure a reservation before your trip.

IMG_0639fb IMG_0644fb

We ended up at the ESPN Club and had a little footrace after supper was over.

IMG_0648fb IMG_0651fb IMG_0658fb

And finally we ended the day at Test Track!

IMG_0660fb IMG_0661fb IMG_0662fb IMG_0664fb IMG_0665fb IMG_0669fb

Tate was peeved that he wasn’t tall enough. Poor kid. =) Back with more soon{ish}!


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