Cousin Gingerbread Contest 2013

Y’all. I haven’t blogged in an entire month. I don’t think I have ever gone that long without blogging since I started way back when Mak was three and Clara Beth was 18 months old. And now I’ve got so much to blog that it’s a little overwhelming…so I’m going to take it a little bit at a time. Our Christmas was wonderful, although I feel like it was done and over before we could blink. I really like traditions and it was tough to fit everything in this year. But this cousin Gingerbread Party/Contest is one of my favorites, and one that I hope continues on for years and years!

IMG_4110fb IMG_4113fb IMG_4121fb IMG_4122fb IMG_4124fb IMG_4129fb IMG_4131fb IMG_4134fb IMG_4139fb

It’s so funny to see their personalities come out. Mak, Tallon, Clara Beth, and Caroline are SERIOUS about their design and are in it to win. Tess has fun for awhile but then loses interest, and even flipped over to Team Boy Cousins by the end of the party this year. She did it just to get a rise out of CB and CC. I find that hilarious. Tate was just fighting as hard as he could to keep his eyes open, and Lilah Drew cared about nothing other than seeing how many sweet treats she could sneak.

IMG_4145fb IMG_4146fb IMG_4147fb IMG_4148fb

Three year old boys are the cutest things EVER. Don’t you want to just smooch him??

IMG_4149fb IMG_4152fb IMG_4154fb

I love LD’s expression in this next one. She’s all like “Seriously, People, why are we wasting perfectly good candy by gluing it to a house??”

IMG_4158fb IMG_4159fb IMG_4160fb IMG_4162fb IMG_4165fb IMG_4171fb IMG_4172fb IMG_4173fb IMG_4175fb IMG_4176fb IMG_4177fb IMG_4179fb IMG_4183fb IMG_4187fb IMG_4193fb IMG_4197fb IMG_4198fb IMG_4201fb IMG_4204fb IMG_4208fb

The boys incorporated a lego ski lift beside their house this year. Pretty impressive, I thought.

IMG_4209fb IMG_4211fb IMG_4212fb IMG_4214fb IMG_4215fb IMG_4216fb IMG_4219fb IMG_4221fb IMG_4223fb IMG_4224fb IMG_4225fb

The Baby sneaking candy…

IMG_4227fb IMG_4230fb IMG_4232fb IMG_4234fb IMG_4236fb IMG_4238fb IMG_4244fb IMG_4247fb IMG_4249fb IMG_4252fb IMG_4254fb IMG_4259fb IMG_4262fb IMG_4265fb IMG_4266fb IMG_4267fb

And Done! Girls won this year for no reason other than Mak would not stop with the incessant pestering of the judge {Collin}. Remember that for next year, Little Man. =)

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