Wow, REALLY sorry for the lack of blog posts this week! It’s gone crazy fast, am I right? This week, I mean. And are your kids already crashing from Halloween sugar highs the way Mak and CB are? Today was one meltdown after another. Sigh. Tis the season, I guess. I’m really hoping for NOT a lot of candy for my little ones this year. Funny how the more sweet, sugary substances that they put into their little bods, the strikingly LESS sweet their little personalities become. We’ve already had some fun Fall parties and Carnivals this week and I’m looking forward to a weekend full of more. I just plan on dumping my kids’ candy buckets into other kids’ buckets when they aren’t looking. 😉

Before I forget…have you heard that our favorite restaurant, The Drive In, is having a pumpkin decorating contest for kids tomorrow night? It’s at 7 but you can drop your pumpkin off anytime before that. They are asking for no carved pumpkins, so get creative! CB and I have a fun idea for one…I hope it works out! Oh, and the judge will be one of our very favorite little ladies, Miss Penelope. LOVE LOVE LOVE this kid!!! Seriously, there’s a TON of personality in that child. I can’t think of a better judge. And, yes, I am buttering her up. I’m pretty sure she’s a blog reader. KIDDING!!! For real, though…decorate a cute little pumpkin and head out to The Drive In tomorrow. And while you’re there, have a fried chicken sandwich and a diet cherry coke. =)

And now on to the real reason for this post…CAYDEN!!!! Little chunk of Baby LOVE!!! Actually, he is the reason we were at one of the aforementioned carnivals (his sweet family invited us!), so I guess maybe this post isn’t too much randomness. I LOVE this child. And his big sister. And his Momma and Daddy. I can’t believe this sweet boy is already nine months old and I know it’s breaking his poor Momma’s heart. I know I say it all the time, but REALLY…They grow SO fast. Cayden, we love you Sweet Boy!

And this next one just makes me laugh. He’s all like “Seriously, People? I’m a stuffed frog.” CUTE Baby!!!!

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