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$100 Portrait Project

Remember, we will be having the first Portrait Project of the year at The Drive In this Tuesday Night from 6 to 8!!!View full post »

$100 Portrait Project at The Drive In!!!

We’re BACK from a fabulous Disney vacation at sea celebrating our precious boy turning SIX!!! Fabulous exceptView full post »

The Portrait Project…sniff…

We just completed the final public event for the $100 Portrait Project for 2009. Yes, we have a couple of privateView full post »

The FINAL $100 Portrait Project before Christmas!!!

That’s Right! The FINAL (public) $100 Portrait Project event of 2009 will be held this Saturday in the gymnasiumView full post »

$100 Portrait Project!!!

We had SO much fun at the last $100 Portrait Project at Aroma Underground. The kids and I tagged along with Collin andView full post »

$100 Portrait Project at Aroma Underground!!!

We have had many calls and requests for another Saturday $100 Portrait project event, and I’m SOOO HAPPY toView full post »

The Family Portrait Contest…UPDATED!!!!

*We are THRILLED with the response the contest has gotten so far! I love hearing which portraits you would choose andView full post »

Please Pray for Joseph!!!

As many of you know, Joseph Greenwood is the little boy who inspired our fundraising campaign at the studio, withView full post »

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