Florence, SC Photographer: Busy, busy, busy, busy….

Y’all, I’m so sorry for the lack of blog posts. I feel like a broken record, but things are completely crazy here and we are doing our best to stay caught up. Busy is an amazing thing…not complaining in any way. In every way this business is a HUGE blessing from the Lord and we are incredibly thankful! His hand has been in it since the very beginning and it’s so much fun for Collin and I to look back and see what He has brought us through to get to this point. I’ll try my best to keep the posts coming but I’m not making any promises. Just a reminder that we are still having our Cyber December sale. The response has been incredible, and I have to say that y’all are some pretty smart people for jumping on that Premium Lifetime Membership. Yes, it’s a large cost up front, but the amount of money that will be saved over a lifetime will be HUGE. We have had several couples purchase it who have not yet even started their families. They’re pretty much geniuses. They will be able to watch their families grow up knowing that the documentation of their life is taken care of. We truly do feel that photography is an incredibly important part of life. Portraits hold the memories that you will always look back on. I have heard over and over moms say that if their house were on fire they’d grab their kids first, portraits second. I get it. I love walking through my home and seeing the sleepy faces of Mak and Clara Beth when they were teeny little infants…or that determined expression that never left Mak’s face when he was two…or Clara Beth’s incredible spunk and sass at age three. Those children are my heart and the portraits that I have of them remind me of how fast they grow and all that we’ve been through together as a family. I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything and I’m thankful for the tangible reminders that I have of them. I know that as we grow we have many many more milestones in front of us, and that excites me! Being a part of this family is the most fun I’ve ever had. These first years have flown at lightening speed and the next probably will as well. BUT, when I’m an old lady in the nursing home I know that my walls will be filled floor to ceiling with amazing memories. I’ll be the crazy old lady who stops every person that walks by my room to tell them stories about when the kids were little. 😉

Today, amidst the insanity of Christmas, I was able to slow down and love on a precious little man. Baby Larson came to see us and I fell in love approximately thirty seconds into the session. If the stress of Christmas is getting to you, I encourage you to find a newborn to love on. It’s pretty much impossible to be stressed when you have that teeny little body curled up on your chest and that sweet smelling head is nuzzled up under your chin. Pure sweetness! Here’s a little peek from today’s session…is he not the cutest little thing?! Merry christmas, Folks. Go grab a Coke and de-stress. =)

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