Brothers and Sisters

As a parent, watching Makgill and Clara Beth’s relationship change and grow is one of my very favorite things in life. I love the way my baby girl looks up to her big brother and thinks he can do no wrong. I love that Mak loves being the protective big brother and watching over his sister. Just this month he helped to teach her to ride her bike without training wheels. Seeing him run through the front yard balancing his sister’s bike to keep it upright…all the time shouting words of encouragement and praise to his little sister…Oh, that made this momma heart sing. And then when Clara Beth took a tumble and hurt her leg…Mak’s tears of fear that his sister was hurt flowed just as fast as Clara Beth’s tears of pain. The two of them can come up with the most creative games and scenarios to act out. I love sitting in the next room and listening to the complex storylines that they come up with.

Don’t get me wrong. That brother/sister relationship isn’t always a ball of sunshine and happiness over at the Smith house. Just last week as Clara Beth was walking out the door to go to school she very sweetly said “Bye, Ma-gay-ul” (Girly has just recently started calling him by his name instead of Bubb-o. She says it SO Southern and SOOOO Cute!!). Instead of nicely replying “Goodbye” that little stinker boy of mine said “Bye, Stinky”. Well, you should have seen Clara Beth’s face fall. She idolizes her big brother and he just told her she was stinky. And then you should have seen the anger of that boy’s Momma and Daddy. Let’s just say that I don’t think Mak will be calling his sister Stinky again anytime soon. And it definitely goes both ways. My sweet little girl can be just as ugly to her big brother.

We see it all the time in sibling groups that come into the studio. That brother/sister, brother/brother, and sister/sister relationship is beautiful, and hilarious, to watch! That’s where this Limited Edition came from. “Brothers and Sisters” is our latest Limited Edition that will be offered at Winona Place on March 19th. It is a GORGEOUS location filled with dirt pathways, groves of pecan trees and weathered old wood. And by the time this session date rolls around there will be pretty leaves on the trees, grass in the fields and buds starting to bloom! I am SO Excited about the possibilities of these sessions! Here is a slideshow of what the sessions will be like. I will have more detailed blog posts from these sessions here soon! Call early to schedule your session for Brothers and Sisters…this event is already filling up fast! 843-665-4646 or

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