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You know how you love your kids? No, really…I mean that feeling that grips your heart and squeezes til you think it will burst? When you overhear them being sweet to one another. Or helping each other. Or even working together to scheme against you. THAT is Brothers and Sisters. As a parent there are so many things that I wish for my kids. But one of the biggest things is that they will grow up loving one another. That as adults, they will truly be friends. I want Mak to be mean to her future boyfriends. Not in a bad way, just a “that’s my sister you hurt her you die” kind of way. I want Clara Beth to think he’s the greatest boy ever…besides her Daddy, that is. I want them to grow up and get married to the loves of their lives, have a bazillion grandbabies for me to bounce on my knee…and still be friends. My brothers and their wives and the nieces and nephews that they gave me are some of the biggest gifts in my life. I truly love being with them and I pray that Mak and CB feel the same way about each other when they are in their 30s. This sibling relationship is so much fun to watch. Sure, their bickering makes me crazy at times…but I love that they have each other.

On Saturday, March 19th we will celebrate that great sibling relationship. It’s for brothers, sisters, or brothers AND sisters. We want to capture their interaction through beautiful portraits that you will treasure for many years. Call to schedule your appointment! 843-665-4646 or

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