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The second “September” baby from our Bible Study arrived this morning, and Collin and I were SO THRILLED to be a part of it! Lia went to the hospital to be induced very early this morning, and Collin and I scooted on over after dropping Makgill off at school (7:45am!) to get some “labor” pictures. I LOVE seeing women in labor. There’s just something about that excitement that is unlike anything else. Stacey and Lia looked so happy and nervous at the same time…it was wonderful to be able to be there in the early stages. Collin and I left after a short time, with plans to return at lunch and (hopefully!) meet the newest little bundle.









Well, Lia progressed QUICKLY. I received a phone call from Stacey at 10:30 saying that they were REALLY CLOSE to delivering. And from the sounds I was hearing in the background, I knew that the baby would be here well before lunch. Unfortunately, Collin had a morning session, so we were unable to get right back up to the hospital. When we did arrive, we were greeted by the new daddy. Stacey was the epitome of a proud, nervous new father. He was flustered with people he needed to tell, taking care of his beautiful bride, and letting Big Sister Abby meet the new baby; but that HUGE SMILE on his face said it all. This Proud Papa was in LOVE…all over again.

We were able to be in the room with the family as they introduced their two daughters to one another for the very first time. What an amazingly precious moment. I am still in awe that we were invited to be there. Lia was RADIANT. I never knew that a woman could look so stunning after delivering a baby less than an hour earlier! Joy shone on her face as she watched her first-born admire the brand new baby girl that was swaddled in her arms. She was so clearly proud of her two daughters. And rightly so. These are beautiful girls!

And Abby was in awe of her new little sister. How does such a young child understand that Josie, the baby that she has been hearing about for so many months, that was just in Mommy’s belly only hours ago, is now a squalling, real-live baby doll in Mommy’s arms!?!? I don’t know if she understood, but that sweet grin told us that she was pleased! She was timid, but so happy to sit in Mommy’s lap with the new baby. Abby loved seeing Daddy kiss the baby, and she sweetly touched Josie’s hands and cheek. After a few minutes with “her” new baby, Abby turned and looked at me, and with a huge grin proudly proclaimed “This Baby Josie!”

Josie is a beautiful baby. Nine pounds, 21 and a quarter inches long. She has the same adorable round cheeks and gorgeous lips that her big sister has. And she was working really hard on clearing out those lungs with sweet newborn cries! I was so excited to meet her, and am thrilled to watch her grow up.

The Happy new family





Daddy lovin’ his Baby Girls



Their first family hug…EVER





I LOVE this image…probably my favorite from the day! The joy in Lia’s face is just beautiful!


Loving her first baby


What a Beauty!


Collin and I feel so honored to have shared in this intimate time with Stacey, Lia, Abby, and Josie. Thank you so much, guys, for letting us take part in it! You are already amazing parents, and I can’t wait to watch you with TWO girls!

There were so many images from today, it was hard to choose which to post. We will be heading back for more pictures of Josie later. Then there will be a slideshow from the entire experience. Keep checking back!

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  • JennieSeptember 29, 2007 - 1:00 am

    WOW! Wow, wow, wow, wow. Collin, I thought that I really loved our photos because it was our experience with the birth of Evelyn. But I absolutely love these of Josie’s entrance into the world. What an intensely amazing job you do covering such memorable experiences, and a birth…it is the epitome of huge life experiences…and you do such an gorgeous and impressive job. You were a delight to have in our hospital room 2 weeks ago and we will definitely recommend you to others for their births. If we choose to have another baby, I want you there capturing it like only you can. Only thing I would change, is getting you there earlier to get some of our first moments too. Thank you for capturing such terrific shots of Evelyn, Carlisle, Brian and I in such a tiny room with your big heart. You are the consummate professional and we love you guys!ReplyCancel

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