Brand New Addyson!

Apparently blogging is a little more difficult for me to fit in during the school year than I thought it would be. Blogging and laundry. Those are the two things in the Smith household that are slipping. You’ll be happy to know that the children are well fed and educated, though. 😉 I promise to work harder on blog posts. There are so many cute newborns that need to be posted…I can’t let my busy-ness keep the world from meeting them! I guess I should also promise to work harder on laundry, lest you see the Smith children wandering around Flo-town looking like little ragamuffins. Not that there’s anything wrong with looking like a ragamuffin. Actually, I think it’s kinda cute. Maybe we should all embrace the ragamuffin look so that worn-out mommas don’t feel guilt over the unconquered mountain of laundry sitting in the corner. Hmmmm. Anyway, on to one of those sweet little newborns, Miss Addyson! She is so unbelievably precious and was such a great little sleeper for her session. That is, until her daddy walked in. Then she decided it was time to wake up and take a quick little potty break…all over him, of course. Dad handled it like a champ and the rest of us had some great comic relief. Baby Addyson, you’re a Beauty! Can’t wait to watch you grow up, Sweet Girl!


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